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The Nintendo 3DS Version Of Bloo Kid 2 Is A Success


Bloo Kid 2 has proven to be a success on Nintendo 3DS. The downloadable game has generated more revenue through the handheld’s Nintendo eShop than any other platform, according to winterworks. Due to its commendable performance, the developer is open to bringing more of its games to 3DS in the future. Bloo Kid 2 launched earlier this year, and it can be purchased for $3.99 via the 3DS eShop.

“At first it seems a bit surprising that the main revenue comes from the Nintendo 3DS. But if you compare Bloo Kid 2 to Bloo Kid 1, you can see that part two is much more a ‘console’-type of game instead of a mobile game. Part one had non-scrolling, one minute sized levels. Bloo Kid 2 is the opposite and demands much longer gaming sessions. It is therefore less suited for mobile devices. Our conclusion would be that it totally makes sense to continue porting the game to real consoles, and this also fits into our general strategy to focus on traditional games in the future.”





  1. People not seeing the bigger picture here, yes it may look like a Kirby clone but people are buying it on the 3DS… a dedicated handheld gaming system… in a market where the majority of kids and adults alike have access to smart phones. Sure, combine sales of each smart phone market and it gets beat but we should be encouraging the sales of this game and other like it to be sold on 3DS as who wants filthy casual phones to win?

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  2. This pie diagram doesn’t say anything about the succes of this game (or about how many revenue the game generated). It only says 36% of the people that bought the game bought it in the 3DS eShop.


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