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Video: First 110 Minutes Of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Thinking about purchasing Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon but aren’t too sure whether it is for you? Well, Tilmen from Tilmendomination has uploaded the first 110 minutes of the Pokemon spin-off for the Nintendo 3DS on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon currently has a user score of 9.5 on online review aggregation site, Metacritic. Be sure to check out the video!

10 thoughts on “Video: First 110 Minutes Of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon”

    1. Agent 5 of squidbeak

      It look’s like a fusion between giratina and dialga but i have never seen it or heard about it i guesse that it is a new Pokemon that will appear in this game

    1. Ah, I was looking for new images for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on Google Images and came across this one. It’s a little late to change it now, but I didn’t know it was fan-made.

    1. It’s kinda funny, actually.

      US gets Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon in 2015, while Europe gets it in 2016.
      Meanwhile, Europe gets Mario & Luigi Paper Jam in 2015, while US gets it in 2016.

      I wonder how that happened, lol.

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