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Nintendo Minute Kicks Off Its Third Annual Game Of The Year Series

Nintendo Minute‘s third annual Game of the Year series has officially begun. In the first part of their latest yearly series, hosts Kit and Krysta reflect on some of the most memorable gaming experiences they had throughout 2015. The duo discusses several categories, including best box art, coolest amiibo and best multiplayer offering. Fans can even vote for their favorites by tagging @NintendoAmerica on Twitter and using the phrases in the following picture:


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4 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute Kicks Off Its Third Annual Game Of The Year Series”

        1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

          These are training and briefing videos directed towards young soldiers. Today we are reviewing GOTY. It’s easier to think of it as a stepping stone in becoming a gamer. Soon they will become fanboys, who combat the X-bot menace. And their conversion to the dark side will be complete.

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