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Shigesato Itoi Talks About The Mother Series And Once Again Denies Mother 4

Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi recently chatted about the beloved series with Japanese gaming publication, Game Watch. Thankfully, Tuxedo Unmasked were at hand and translated the interview for everyone. During the interview Itoi discussed why he thinks the series has been a hit and he also reiterated that Mother 4 is not in development, though he does hear the fans pleas.

“It’s the connection with modern day life and modern day places, I suppose. When you’re suddenly told “It’s dinner time!” right in the middle of playing “Dragon Quest,” you’re taken out of the setting, but it’s different with MOTHER. I think it’s good that it’s tied to modern day life.”

“I’d love to run a marathon while holding my breath, but as with MOTHER 4, that’s just not feasible. People in America are always saying that “4 is on its way to being made,” but that’s simply a rumor. (laugh) I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be now. Of course, only showing the very fringe elements and giving the impression that it was being worked on was something I did thoroughly with MOTHER 2… and 3.”

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18 thoughts on “Shigesato Itoi Talks About The Mother Series And Once Again Denies Mother 4”

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        Actually, if I remember correctly, Itoi has given the okay to fans to make a Mother 4 if they really want a new Mother game which is what a few have taken upon themselves to do, making a fanmade Mother 4. Anyway, once upon a time, Gunpei Yokoi meant for Metroid to be a trilogy but look how that turned out: it was so successful that Nintendo decided to make more Metroid games starting with Metroid Prime & Metroid Fusion. But it seems the opposite is the case with Mother. That or maybe more Metroid were made because Yokoi sadly died in ’97 so he couldn’t tell Nintendo no to more Metroid…

        1. He said he didn’t want to make a Mother 4 because he was done making games. Period. He wanted to be able to play games; However, if Mother 4 were to be made, he would love to play it. Something along those lines.

        2. Considering how well the Prime games turned out, I’m sure he would have been okay with them as they make a trilogy that doesn’t really affect the original one of I, II Return of Samus, and Super.

          Also, one has to wonder where Mother 4 would go considering how 3 ends.

          …Actually that could be said for Metroid 5 too, considering how Metroid 4/Fusion ends… 0_0;

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          If I’m not mistaken, Itoi doesn’t do video games these days & the Mother trilogy was the only games he ever actually had creative development with.

  1. People are always asking for sequels like this, Metroi Prime 4, Super Mario Sunshine 2 and many others, I’m more than alright letting things end, specially when that’s what the creators want, it leaves room for new things.
    Sure in Metroid’s case the new thing ended up being pretty bad but I think it’s worth the risk.

  2. The Mother series is done.

    Get over it already and be grateful you have EarthBound and it’s prequel on Wii U.


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