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Summer Festival Pikachu Arrives To The Pokemon Center

The Summer Festival Pikachu, also known as Omatsuri Pikachu, is now available on the Pokémon Center website.

You might be wondering why the Pokémon Center would get a Summer plush in the run up to Christmas, but this is due to the fact that each new monthly Celebration Pikachu that arrives in Pokémon Center stores in Japan first, then has a slight delay before being released in the US. The Summer Festival Pikachu was originally released in Japan in July.

Pikachu is dressed up in a happi coat, hachimaki headband, and holding a uchiwa fan. You can purchase this adorable Pikachu for $17.99 here, or if your looking for something more festive, then the Pikachu Santa plush might be the one for you.

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