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Video: Splatoon Zink Mini Splatling Weapon Tour And Gameplay

Want to check out the Zink Mini Splatling which is coming to Splatoon this evening in North America and tomorrow in Europe? Well, YouTube channel Nintendome (featuring NWPlayer123) has got exclusive footage of the devastating splatling in action and has provided a handy weapon tour and also plenty of all-important gameplay. The charge time for this weapon appears to be relatively good and it also has great mobility. As it is a splatling it is going to cause some immense damage online. Be sure to check it out in the video, below!



6 thoughts on “Video: Splatoon Zink Mini Splatling Weapon Tour And Gameplay”

  1. Um, this isn’t legit footage. The person is playing as an Octoling. Their ‘exclusive footage’ is a hack. If you’re going to do that, post NWPlayer123 instead :)

        1. BTW – Not to imply they stole it! I’m pretty sure they had permission, but maybe it would just be better to use the original footage -or- not say it’s exclusive. :)

          1. I was sent this via the contact form from Nintendome, so I hadn’t seen the other video you provided. I’m sure everything is above board. Thanks for letting me know though :)

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