Here’s The Pokken Tournament Wii U Japanese Box-Art

It’s not the biggest or the best box-art all of all-time, but Nintendo Japan have revealed what would appear to be the final box-art for Pokken Tournament. Pokken Tournament is the first retail Pokemon title on the Wii U despite the system being released over three years ago. The beat-em-up is due to be released on March 18th 2016 in Japan and sometime during the spring in the west. What do you think to the box-art?


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  1. There is literally nothing special about Pikachu. I wish they’d stop using it on all of their spin-off covers, as if they’re relying on it to sell the game on recognition. Machamp or Blaziken would have been better replacements for Pikachu on the cover. Both are fighting-type and convey a more mature look to the box art. I’m sure this game isn’t being targetted to children, so why put the yellow mouse on the cover?

    1. most popular character, therefore most recognizable and aesthetically, the look of Pikachu is much of the reason that is true and people like it. It would be more like, “why wouldn’t you?”

        1. Pikachu was made into their mascot to appeal to little kid. Yes. That’s why Ash got one. And he’s not even a “true” fighting Pokémon. But of course he needs to be in the game. I get that. Does he need to be on the damn cover tho? NO!

          1. Pikachu is the mascot because it appeals to a large range of people, not just kids. Pikachu is like Kirby; small and cute but can still take a hit and kick some ass when need be.

            I’m not saying Pikachu should be the focal point like he is on this cover, but he should be on the cover.

            1. I disagree, Pikachu shouldn’t be on the cover at all. Lucario should be the focal point in my opinion since he is already largely known because of his inclusion in the last two Smash titles. Lucario can almost be considered a 2nd mascot for Pokemon that appeals to an older audience and fans of fighting games.

              1. That’s completely ridiculous. As I said, Pikachu doesn’t just stand around looking cute. Pikachu is a fighter and has proved that in all four smash titles; besides it being the most well-known pokemon. There is no reason he shouldn’t be on the cover.

                1. You’re right he is the most well-known pokemon, but this game isn’t being targetted towards the casual market, where the only pokemon they really know is Pikachu. This is aimed at fighting and pokemon fans, who don’t need Pikachu on the cover to know its a pokemon game. Sure, if this were a game like that art academy game where it’s aimed towards a casual market, it would make sense to have a well known pokemon on the box art. In this instance however, Pikachu’s popularity isn’t necessary.

                  1. I’m sorry, but I’ve pointed out multiple times now that Pikachu is a fighter and is well-known for his fighting ability. But you seem to be completely ignoring that. Obviously he isn’t a fighting type like Lucario or Machamp. But he is WELL-KNOWN FOR BEING ABLE TO HOLD HIS OWN IN A FIGHT.

                    Like I said before, I don’t think he should be the focal point, but giving his fighting ability, he should still be on the cover.

        2. Yes, that is what I’m saying. A pokemon like the ice cream cone, Togepi or all of those “baby” pokemon like smoochum, elekid, and magby do look like they were made to appeal to a younger audience. Their final evolutions on the other hand, like Electivire and Magmortar might have been made to cater to the fans of the original 151 that have grown up and, yes, matured.

      1. No but it doesn’t mean he has to be there on the cover. Everybody, their mom, their grandma and their DOG still knows who Pikachu is. He could have been on the back, maybe not as effective, sure, but it’s enough. The cover could have been much more appealing with maybe Blaziken. IMO. Sorry not all Pokémon fans kiss Pikachu’s and GAME FREAK’s ass.

      2. You’re right, cute doesn’t necessarily mean immature. But this is a fighting game we’re talking about. The box art should have included a tough looking pokemon, which would match the genre. When someone thinks cute for a game, they generally don’t think fighting as the genre.

  2. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

    Looks nice. I’d prefer if there were more Pokemon on there, though. Like a shadow of Shadow Mewtwo in the background would have been awesome.

    1. It’s too bland. Pikachu is the only thing that stands out. Lucario practically blends into the background. Who knows though? Maybe the rest of the world will get a different box.

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