Metacritic Game Of The Year 2015

Online review aggregation site Metacritic has listed its Game of the Year 2015 based on average review scores. The highest rated game this year is Metal Gear Solid V which has a Metascore of 95. The site has also produced a console and PC comparison to show how each format has fared against each other. You can check that out below along with the runner-ups.

Winner: Metal Gear Solid V

Runner Ups:

  • GTA V PC (96)
  • Witcher 3 (93)
  • Undertale (93)
  • Journey PS4 (92)
  • Bloodborne (92)
  • Shovel Knight (90)


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  1. Wait… Shovel Night is a 2014 release…

    That being said, I’m getting a bit sick of metascores and whatnot, although MGSV is an awesome title.

    It could have been even better if Konami didn’t want to rush Kojima and made him release it incomplete.

      1. You’re definitely right — I had forgotten about that!

        Don’t get me wrong, Shovel Knight deserves every praise, but I had a clear and strong memory of myself playing it in 2014.

        I only hope Yatch Club Games does not become a one-hit wonder developer.

      2. Agreed, however, they created the sequel/DLC character gameplay, and it was top notch. They still have what it takes! After all the Knights are done, and they have completed the epic saga of Shovel Knight, it will be interesting to see what they come out with Next.

      3. Hey Jaded, as I’ve said to Root, you also seem like a pro gamer who might wanna try out my Mario Maker level. Sorry if this bothers you. Code: 220D-0000-0127-108E

    1. Hey Root, you seem like a pro gamer. Sorry to bother this way, but I’d be interested to know if you wanna try out my Mario Maker level Code: 220D-0000-0127-108E

    1. I have X to fill my open world cravings for now, plus GTAV for some quick mayhem. As a fan of Mad Max, I decided to try that game. It’s pretty fun so far! Amazing that so many next gen games are open world… I had no idea when I was gaming exclusivly under the Nintendo blinders.

      1. Oh yeah, it feels like its the new FPS trend. Everything seems to be implementing open world elements in one way or another. So far loving it lol.

  2. Normally Nintendo doesn’t have any low rated games, but this year is an off year for Nintendo. With games like Mario Tennis, Mario Party 10 and Amibo festival, it’s no wonder Nintendo has such a low average on metacritic. Not to mention Devils third… Yea, Nintendo had some pretty shitty games this year…

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