Eurogamer Looks At Nintendo In 2015

Online gaming publication Eurogamer has looked at the current state of Nintendo in 2015. It’s been a difficult year for the company with the tragic passing of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, but they have produced some stellar software in the form of Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Xenoblade Chronicles X and more. Next year will prove to be an exciting time for Nintendo fans with the reveal of their next platform which is codenamed NX. Here’s what Eurogamer thought of Nintendo in 2015.

“2015 was always going to be a trying year for Nintendo, a transition period that would see it winding down its faltering home console and ageing handheld while it geared up its preparations for a new generation of hardware quietly in the background. With the untimely passing in July of Satoru Iwata, a man who had shaped Nintendo’s outlook and embodied its playful spirit, 2015 will likely go down as one of the toughest years in the company’s 126-year history.”

“The NX announcement cast a shadow over the Wii U for the remainder of the year, with a relatively slim first party offering raising suspicions that the big names and the big studios – such as Retro and Tokyo EAD – were preparing for what’s next, and ensuring Nintendo doesn’t suffer another console launch with a weak software line-up. The ongoing delay for Zelda Wii U all but guarantees it’ll be making its way to NX, too, a split-release much like Twilight Princess saw before it on the GameCube and Wii.”

“After a muted 12 months, understandably so at times, 2016 promises anything but for Nintendo. It’s the year when we see its plans for NX, a mysterious, new and exciting prospect for the next generation, and when we learn about its plans for theme parks, to see how it will handle mobile and much else besides. 2015 was hard, then, both for Nintendo and for its fans, yet through the darkness there were enough glimmers of hope that suggest bright things could well be lying in wait.”