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Nintendo’s Skylander Amiibo Are Getting Standalone Releases

If you dished out the big bucks for the Skylander Start Pack just to add Hammer Slam Bowser or Turbo Charge Donkey Kong to your amiibo collection, start looking for your receipt. New dual packs are popping up in stores around the US, and are expected to receive a wide release soon. In either pack you will get the Nintendo character Skylander/amiibo (Hammer Slam Bowser or Turbo Charged Donkey Kong) and their respective cart (Barrel Blaster or the Clown Cruiser). Each pack is sold for $24.99, much less than the price for any of the bundles. We don’t yet know whether the Dark versions of these amiibo will see a similar offer.



    1. Not sure about everywhere else, but the Nintendo versions were always sold out in retail stores around my area. Had both Wii U and 3DS one on pre-order and didn’t get the Wii U one cause they couldn’t keep up with the demand for them. Activision did say it was selling well, so I guess it depends.

  1. I think they always had this in mind, but they might of waited until after the holiday season was over so they could sell more bundles. Pretty crafty if that is the case.

  2. I remember back when Amiibo was first announced and I was thinking to myself that there would only be a few new amiibos every once and a while.

    Then they go and turn the entire Sm4sh roster into amiibos…

    So much for collecting them.

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