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Story of Seasons Is Out Now In Europe

The farm simulation game, Story of Seasons, is now available to purchase in Europe. The title was released in 2014 in Japan, and was welcomed with a great reception when it arrived to North America in March this year.

It’s available to purchase on both the Nintendo UK store and GAME, or if you prefer a downloadable version you can purchase it via the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Here’s the trailer below:



    1. lmao, nice.
      But hey, got a question or two. Have you played HM: A New Beginning? If so, how does it compare to Story of Seasons, as in, which one do you think is better? Bought A New Beginning about a year ago, and kinda couldn’t get into it. Normally, I really enjoy HM games, but that one just didn’t do it for me for some reason. All that “build the town yourself” had too much customization for my taste, so it was a bit too overwhelming for me. I do like to have some structure in my games, ya know? Not to mention the super slow pacing.
      But yea, since you seem to be someone who’s, well, experienced with the games, to say the least, I thought I might as well ask you about your thoughts. If you haven’t played A New Beginning, you can just scrap everything I’ve said until now, hah. But I still wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on Story of Seasons, so in case you happen to feel like telling about it, I’ll gladly listen. :p

      1. This game has some building but not as much as ANB. There are a few sports you can change in town. The rest is only on your farm and is pretty much optional. You don’t need to build planting spots. You’ll get a free barn and you can build more barns and coops if you need them. In this game there’s also a casual mode where earning money is easier.

      2. *spots

        Anyway. I like these games. The dating plays a big role for me as well so I’m glad it’s more advanced than in the old school games. You don’t just give them crap until you marry them you start “dating” when their flower is blue or something which makes the dialogue more interesting and a little bit more realistic.

        You can’t ship things whenever you want but the market will be open pretty often and eventually more countries will visit that you can sell stuff to and buy other things you need from them so you pretty much unlock objects making things less stressful. They let you focus on what you need at the moment not making the market so messy and full of shit you wont need yet.

        There’s some other little features to check out as well. Like renting more fields and competing with the other in game farmers if you’d like to but the game continues like normal even if you don’t win. There’s no game over or real ending to the game you can continue for as long as you want. I’d try to play until your kids are born at least. That would be the last big thing to do after all the house updates and levelling up your animals and products to max earning you the highest profit..

      3. Really interesting info, thank you!
        I’ll most likely give Story of Seasons a chance, the things I hear about it sound great, and after being let down by ANB so much, I think I’ll enjoy it all the more. Actually had been hoping for a good HM game for the WiiU for some while now, I usually enjoy Harvest Moon on home consoles more I think (not to say I don’t enjoy them on handhelds at all or anything, still like it lots), but yea, doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen anytime soon. Or at all, for that matter.

        Anyway, thanks again for all the deets, helped me a bunch. :)

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