The 9th European Splatfest Results Are In

The European Splatfest has now come to a close and the results have been announced. The theme this time asked players if they would prefer to get rich or get fit in the new year.

Whilst Team Money had more votes for popularity, Team Fitness won the Splatfest with a total of 362 points combining both votes and their wins x 6, whilst Team Money finished with 338 points.

Congratulations Team Fitness!



  1. “The theme this time asked players if they would prefer money or fitness.”
    No, that’s wrong. The theme asked if in 2016 you wanted to get fit or get rich. It was about new year’s resolutions.

        1. For 24 hours there are no ranked battles just turf wars against two teams. The hub area turns into night and into a big dance party too with Callie and Marie singing a special song. So for 24 hours you have to battle the other team. You can’t do anything else but that. If your team wins, you get these shells that can get you stuff in game.

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