Windows 95 Has Been Ported To Nintendo 3DS

This is something you probably never thought would happen, but Windows 95 has successfully been ported to the Nintendo 3DS. Yes, there’s also video footage available to back up the claim which first started on the GBA Temp forums. It is by no means complete and it is nowhere near as speedy as your desktop OS, but it is a start!

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  1. So where was the video proof? All I saw was a still image of the Windows 95 logo for 2 minutes.

    1. Most of the video was just a loading screen. At about 1:10, Windows tried to access the C: drive and failed. It then reset to the loading screen for the rest of the video. It’s not a working port yet, but it’s better than nothing. I think that’s correct, anyway. I dropped I.T. after GCSE because it didn’t teach me anything.

  2. “Windows 95 has successfully been ported to the Nintendo 3DS”
    I will call this sucessful when the 3DS will reach the desktop.
    They’re getting close to, though… Keep going.

    1. >>>Successfully and successful are two different meanings of the same origin>>>

  3. Why not something that actually maters… Like Android? This is still funny tough, but it’s so irrelevant. AIt feels like Android could be so much easier and optimiseable for this.

    1. Android would run awfully on 3DS unless they ported one of the original versions of it. It probably wouldn’t fare much better on a New 3DS, either. Iirc there isn’t much RAM to go around, and as we all know, the 3DS doesn’t always handle its own OS smoothly. At least Windows 95 was used on utter dinosaurs XD

  4. Ported? Last time I checked, no one had either obtained the source code for Windows 95 or reverse engineered it. This is almost certainly being emulated by the 3DS using a port of QEMU.

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  6. I don’t really know what to say to that. But I think I’ll stick with the OS on my desktop.

  7. I guess my question is: What’s the possible point in running 20 year old software on a 3D machine anyway? Why not just find an old computer and put 95 on it? I probably have 3 or 4 around here that could be used.

  8. O_o Video evidence my ass.
    It spent over half the video sitting on the title screen and then the one attempt that was shown to actually open Windows failed.
    Yup, I’m convinced.

    What purpose would Windows serve on a 3DS anyway?
    I’m genuinely interested here but this tells squat.

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