Check Out 14 Minutes Of Fire Emblem Fates Game Play

Polygon has posted a clip featuring just under 15 minutes of gameplay of the upcoming title Fire Emblem Fates. The game play is in English, and gives a glimpse into chapter 5 – choose a side.

You can check it out below:

A US teaser site for the title has also recently gone live, and the full site will be available soon. Fire Emblem Fates is due for release on February 19th in North America and is yet to get a confirmed date for Europe.


  1. So Corrin really does run around barefoot!?
    It’s just very bizarre considering he’s wearing almost everything else(even gloves), but no shoes.

    1. Because Chrom had a no foot glitch in the last game and developers laugh at what fans pointed out I think. That’s the only reason.

  2. i am waiting for Nintendo of UK/Australia/Europe branch to announce when is the god-damned date is going to release.. was pressuring on facebook and got no answers as well because i do got a fire in my body to start playing Fire Emblem Fates.. wanted this so badly..

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