Medabots Girls Mission Revealed For 3DS

This week’s edition of Famitsu has revealed that Medabots Girls Mission will be coming to the 3DS on March 10th in Japan.

medabots girls mission

Famitsu also reveals that there will be over 20 female characters in the title and that it will come in two versions “Kabuto” and “Kuwagata”. You will team up with one other character and your friendship levels will increase throughout the game which in turn will increase the strength of your Medabots. The task in the game is to win the tournament known as the Artemist cup and when you participate in battles there will be two teams with two Medabots each.

The title will also have local connectivity, allowing you to participate in battles with up to four people, it will also allow your friend to take control of your in-game buddy to do co-op in story mode.

More information is likely to come to light in the coming weeks.

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  1. Good god, Japan. Can’t girls enjoy the regular Medabots series? I know it’s Japan, but still.
    This reminds me of the ‘for men’ beauty products.

        1. Nope tho Japan have tons of dumb fashion “gal games” this isn’t one of them. These girls have boobs. That’s how you know it’s targeted at young men. If the demographic was young women there would be mostly male characters with perhaps a female high school protagonist.

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