Developer Of The Letter Is Bringing The Perplexing Orb To The NA Wii U eShop

You may remember a certain “game” called The Letter getting ridiculed after its release on the Wii U eShop in 2014. Well, the developers behind that atrocity are back with a new title due out on the platform this Thursday. The Perplexing Orb takes a completely different direction from its predecessor, with gameplay similar to Marble Madness. Players are tasked with carefully guiding a ball along a narrow track to reach the endpoint of each level, running into a few power-ups along the way. Though not revolutionary, the game easily looks like a huge improvement over The Letter–which isn’t saying too much. You can check it out in the video below.




  1. I was wondering whatever happened to this guy after a whopping ONE of their 5 promised games of 2015 released (refer back to their “conference” if you need a refresher).

    So basically this is Super Monkey Ball without the charm or appeal. I don’t have high hopes or expectations for this one.

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