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CoroCoro To Feature Major Pokemon Movie Announcement That Will Affect The World

Japanese news publication CoroCoro promises to have some mighty big Pokemon movie related news in its next issue. The next edition of the magazine will contain a world exclusive scoop poster for Volcanion and the new movie. What is also interesting is that it is set to be a “a major annoncement that affect the entire world.” JoeM86 from NeoGAF says that it is worth noting that February is typically the month that the main star of the movie is revealed and the full movie title with it. No doubt it’s going to be an exciting month.



  1. another pokemon movie another disappointment ….why even bother …all this gotta go find his friend bullshit is really getting old what happened to the good stories like with the 1st 2nd and 3rd movie get good pokemon the movies are seriously lacking and boring as hell to watch

  2. It’d be hilarious if it was just titled “Ash wins the Kalos League” or “The death of Ash”, those are the only 2 options that I could even remotely see as world changing for pokemon. Having a consistently losing protagonist win, or just killing him off entirely for someone else. They could also go the route of him finally grown up in a timeskip or something, call it”Ash’s Legacy” or some crap. But I have no doubts it’ll likely be the full confirmation for a Zygarde tie-in movie covering his new forms and confirming either a new gen, new game in 6th gen, or a completely new mechanic in the games. Who knows lol

    1. Never gonna happen. They’ll never let Ash become a Pokemon Champion because then a major plot point of the anime would be over & they’d have to come up with some new idea to keep Ash as the main character. They’ll never kill him off because that’s not child friendly enough even though there are a plethora of children’s movies & even some tv shows where characters actually die all the time. They definitely won’t replace him because that would cause the same problem as Ash becoming Pokemon Champion as they’d have to be original & come up with a new main character. As for growing up, I guess I could see them doing that. But like you said, who knows. They may actually surprise us for once… but I doubt it.

  3. My guesses: Something Z related, obviously.

    Either something lame about Zygrade we already figured.

    Since it’s the movie, don’t expect it to be “death of ash” or “removal of ash”, because these movies aren’t cannon.

    With that being said, how could Pokemon Movie news shake the world?

    None of the movies, ever, have been cannon to the main series. They’re just fun movies with legendaries.

    1. Actually, the first movie was canon to the anime. As for the others, you could be right about those. I haven’t actually paid close attention to the anime since the Kanto League stuff so I wouldn’t really know about the other movies.

  4. Unless Ash finally becomes a certified Pokemon Champion or finally fucking meets Ho-Oh which he saw in the beginning of the anime when he first set out on his Pokemon adventure which changes EVERYTHING for Ash, don’t expect anything mind blowing, people.

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