1) Nintendo president Kimishima just published his plans for 2016 in news paper Mainichi Shimbun (http://mainichi.jp/articles/20160115…08/020/012000c). Here’s the gist:

2) Kimishima says Nintendo wants to surprise fans with new ideas – not build on old ones. Nintendo will in 2016 release “details” on the NX.

3) Kimishima claims the expansion to smartphones and theme parks, but also to movies and TV animes (via character licensing) is progressing.

4) He says it’s vital for Nintendo to experiment with new business models. He confirms the first smartphone app will be rolled out in March.

5) Kimishima promises smartphone apps with Nintendo’s famous characters in 2016. He wants to bring the company’s financials to a new level.

6) The plan is to bring profits to 100 billion yen ($855 million) in “several years”. [Note: that would be 4x of last year’s profit.]

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    • Quadranuggets you fool… Your lord lwata casted a shadow of shame through the means of his timely departure yet your rally your troops for a war that was already lost..

      The new war will only bear fruit to cancerous results (no pun intended) yet ye still a man of faith.. I give you that…

      The Mongolians of unnatural decent have awaken…


  1. “Nintendo wants to surprise fans with new ideas – not build on old ones”

    Pretty much indicating that the next home console will surely be a rupture with the Wii(U) brand.

    This is a wise move, IMO. Not that the Wii brand is trash (I love my Wii, and I got 2 or 3 gems this generation on my Wii U), but Nintendo really needs a revamp.

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  2. I like this expansion. Always said this: Nintendo can be the next Disney. I just hope, that unlike what Disney are doing to Marvel and now Star Wars, that Nintendo won’t over-saturate the market with it’s IP. Don’t give us too much of everything. Nintendo’s IP has survived for 25 years for this reason, don’t kill it off in the next 25 years.


    • They’ve only released one Star Wars movie, and it was great, so I don’t think we can judge them for how they handle Star Wars quite yet. Marvel has been mostly excellent, giving us a steady flow of 2-3 movies a year, combined with TV-shows and amazing Netflix shows.

      But yes, too much of the same is bad, so it’s good to change it up. Can’t wait for what Nintendo has in store for the coming years!

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  3. Well, he said 2016, no confirmation that it will be on E3 (but I still argue it would be a good way to start E3 and take it over).

    Movies and TV animes of Nintendo Characters… this is a good idea to make people in Japan to be interested in Metroid and F-Zero again (especially Metroid), any other series worth making an anime (FE and Zelda are a must of course but any other idea?)?

    Also interested to see them jumping into the Mobile market bandwagon, they had years to take note on this and start with the right foot (like with DLC), let’s hope they do well and start to make the Mobile market look good (and that way, begin the death of Shovelware).

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  4. I want a really cool LoZ animated movie, or animated TV series! It needs to have funny characters, a good fairly serious story, and ultra epic boss fights. Try to make link not talk if they can, but maybe he could talk if he had to. Make it encompass many different artsyles from the Zelda games. Maybe an ocarina of time style movie, and then a WW style movie, ect. All animated, LoZ should NEVER be live action, that would be so dumb!

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  5. Nintendo is great at making statements without telling us anything. I wish they would just have 4 Directs a year, with the dates given way in advance, so we could know exactly when the news would come. These drips and drabs are killing me.

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  6. I imagine the only Wii u mews to come out of this year’s E3 will be stuff already announced at this point. It really is for the best to put those final nails in it’s coffin and roll out it’s successor with a wallet killing starting lineup.

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  7. “Nintendo wants to surprise fans with new ideas – not build on old ones.”

    I’m going to take that comment with a grain of salt. It’s good that Nintendo wants to get away from the Wii brand, but we have to acknowledge something. The Wii was a new idea, and while it was extremely successful (and I personally enjoyed it) it didn’t exactly receive great acclaim from Nintendo’s core audience. At this point, many people are so fed up with Nintendo’s recent decisions that they just want to get back to basic and simple gaming.

    Nintendo should definately give us some new ideas, but I feel that if they release something ‘too’ new, it will only serve to alienate more people. They need to be extra cautious this time around.

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    • yes it did i am that core

      it was nintendo themselves that didnt do enough core brand with it,we waited for the ips with wii controls they hardly came

      metroid pikmin did and many other new ips but that wasnt enough and zelda went to far in the lets get more playing direction with the over the top motion instead of the metroid prime 3 direction for example

      my only concern is why did they just stop supporting a 100 million plus user base

      also many eliments of nx will be from wii era like controller parts abillitys


    • I prefer a live action Metroid movie franchise, to be honest, but an anime would be just as good. As long as Nintendo makes sure it doesn’t shit on the source material & respects the franchise’s more teen/adult targeting demographic/fanbase & doesn’t try to pull what Federation Farce is trying to pull, I’m fine with either one.


  8. Just give us a Splatoon anime with better writing than the Parappa show and we’re good. Or maybe think about giving us more Mario in a different approach than the cheesy 80’s tv shows.

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  9. 3) As long as the anime are done right & respect the franchise AND their fanbase, I’m all for it. But anything is better than the 80s cartoon that was Legend of Zelda, if you ask me.

    4) I got a nice business model for ya: cloud storage & a universal account system! NOW!! If Nintendo Account isn’t that, delay it til it fucking has that shit! If they have to, like I said before, charge us for it! A $50 price point is not a bad thing if it comes with cloud storage, a universal account system, free games, 10/20/50% off deals, & fully functional servers for games that have online multiplayer with little to no lag. The current set up of matchmaking is terrible. Looking right at you, Smash 4!

    6) Good luck.


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