More Story of Seasons: Good Friends Of Three Villages Details

The latest edition of the Japanese publication Famitsu, as promised, delivered some more details on the newly announced Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages.

As hinted in the title, there will be three villages surrounding the players farm, each village can be visited and each have their own marriage candidates.

The villages named Wes Town, Tsuyukusa Village, and Lulucoco Village, all have different themes. Wes Town has Western-style theme, Tsuyukusa Village has a Japenese-style theme, and Lulucoco Village has an exotic theme similar to a tropical resort.

The player’s character is fully customisable with options to change gender, skin colour, hair colour and facial expressions. There will also be a selection of different pets with the ability of one becoming the player’s ‘soul pet’ which will mean it will live inside the player’s house.

Famitsu also advised that players will be able to take up part-time jobs to earn money, this will be in the form of helping out other villagers.

Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages will be available in Japan this summer, there’s also some screenshots of the game on Famitsu’s website, you can view them below:

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  1. Love me some Story of Seasons (Harvest Moon). I wonder if we’ll get it by the end of the year in America. Hopefully it plays more like A New Beginning instead of Story of Seasons.

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