Video: Did You Know Gaming? Looks At Religion In Mario

Mario and religion aren’t necessarily two things you’d hear in the same sentence, that is unless you watch the newest episode of Did You Know Gaming. Don’t worry, it’s not some crazy fan theory about Mario being Jesus. Rather, the game trivia site takes a look at a few of the many religious references and appropriations included in the Super Mario series. For instance, did you know that the Super Paper Mario villain, Bonechill is based on Lucifer? Watch the video below to learn more about this connection and more.



  1. I’ll be the first to say that comment section is a fucking trainwreck. Easily shows what is bound to happen whenever religion is involved in these types of videos.

  2. >>>The only “religion” that exists in this base and Nintendo overall is The First Order of The Holy N>>>

    1. Right. I fucking hate religion. It’s always the main fucking cause of wars and shit. Like keep your filthy beliefs out of a perfect world that doesn’t fucking need them.

  3. Hum, pretty general references, IMO. In the end, most of thing in tales, folklore, games, etc., are about the battle between good vs. evil.

    (In time: Interestingly, since Super Mario 3 is a play, some stretched that all Mario games are plays as well. This would justify the fact that Mario can play minigames, tennis, or even racing, alongside Bowser, for example.)

    The strongest relation beetween games and religion, I believe, was described by the Game Theorist in a video which shows the links beetween Chrono Trigger and Christianity.

  4. Quite disappointing.

    Games and media can easily have connections to folklore and history. I highly doubt the Japanese would purposely do some of these… Illuminati.

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