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Speculation: Macquarie Report Suggests NX Portable In 2016 And NX Console 2017

The details of the Macquarie Capital Securities report has found its way online and interestingly it suggests that the Nintendo NX portable and the NX home console will be two separate devices. This slightly goes against the notion of a ‘fusion machine’ that combines both a handheld and a home console. The report suggests that the NX portable will come first in November and will be competitively priced at around $200. The report then expects  a ‘console partner device’ in 2017 with potential AR features.


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35 thoughts on “Speculation: Macquarie Report Suggests NX Portable In 2016 And NX Console 2017”

      1. Same. It would’ve been considerably expensive trying to combine the 2 platforms as one unit. Selling those devices separately makes more sense from a manufacturing standpoint

  1. Makes sense the handheld coming before the home console since it does seem the avalability of dev kits for the home console branch is still marginal.

    1. Only the handheld version is speculated to be $200 as there is no certainty for the price of the home console version

  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>If both the new weaponry are running on this new system and they can connect even more than the 3DS and Wii U today, it’s still a fusion>>>

  3. AR is interesting… that route as opposed to VR is a better way to implement some innovative gaming from where we are now… if real, but makes sense given the current tech landscape

  4. Nintendo always release the portable system first and make lot of sense, the handheld system will be powerful than and handheld system, how will compare to tablet’s like Nvidia shield tablet K1 is one of the best device ever.
    I always buy portable system especially made by Nintendo and of course it will have games, what kind of nonsense is that if it has good games then buy one, lot of people shouldn’t think like as it is made by Nintendo, it will be quality product.

  5. This rumor is highly believable and makes more the sense out of the previous ones. Combining a handheld device with a home console as one unit would’ve been substantially expensive especially if the rumors are true about both devices being full HD (with the NX home console version possibly even being 1440p with 4K upscaling capabilities) and targeting 60fps. Selling those devices separately would save Nintendo lots of money and it wouldn’t at all hinder the home console version’s power. I hope this is indeed true because if it is Nintendo may be on to something special

  6. While it’s still TECHNICALLY a “Rumor” till Nintendo says the details at E3, this is EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE NX WOULD BE SINCE IWATA FIRST MENTIONED NX. lol. It’s going to happen again, I will be right AGAIN, and everyone who was insulting me cause “I didn’t know what I was talking about” will be like well fuck he was right…again…” LOL People gotta learn to trust me.

  7. Maybe Nintendo is giving people the choice of owning the handheld or the console (or both), but both systems use the same games. Perhaps they will switch to a strictly account based system with no discs at all and you will pay for each game electronically.

    That would be kind of cool actually. Though I would miss the game discs, for sure.

    1. With only digital games I would buy a lot less games as I would not be able to resell them if I didn’t like them and then there are some games that I might like to play once but not again later and then I would be stuck with those. For full price this would not be an option for me, maybe later at a reduced price.
      But I will always prefer physical games to digital.

  8. I’ll wait for the Gold Zelda edition thank you. I won’t be a first adopter anymore.
    …well, I say that now. Let’s see what happens when it’s revealed.

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  10. I wonder if this rumor has to do with Nintendo’s stocks rising in the Japanese stock market? If it’s possible, their stocks rose up to ¥1,185 per share or 8.03%, closing the week at 15,935 JPY.

  11. The “potential AR features” goes along with quotes from Nintendo saying that mainstream VR tech isn’t ready quite yet, but that – in a way – they were already doing some form of AR with the Wii U. As long as the price is right, and AR isn’t forced upon 3rd party devs, we could see some interesting things from the NX “gimmick”.

  12. If they do go this route, they need to substantially increase the quality of their marketing in order to sell both of them. There may also be issues with convincing consumers a year later that they need to buy a console to go along with the handheld to get the full gaming experience. If they make the handheld desirable and sustainable on its own, they’ll need to have an incredible launch for the console – otherwise you could see one part of the NX fail while the other succeeds, which would not be good.

  13. The new 3ds is not new console, it still is same console.
    It will really good if this isn’t just a rumour, i want portable to come out in 2016 and i don’t like new 3ds console it wasn’t new hardware just added feature to the old 3ds, we need powerful handheld experience which is alot better than handheld and close to tablet systems, this will make Nintendo little console very special to the rest of them and we know for sure Sony will never release another portable system with bad sales and was a massive flop, so Nintendo will be only company releasing portable console for coming years.

  14. see what i mean everyone i don’t think the NX should not be release this year it should be release in 2017 yeah i was thinking that the NX could at least be more capable like the PS4 but i know nintendo is being reasonable about this portable thing but mark my words the NX sells will be a high and it will sell alot of units :/

  15. This makes way more sense than what people have been saying. I can see this being true as long as NX console is launched November 2017 to capitalize on holiday profits. And NX portable launching November 2016 for the same reason but a year earlier than console since the 3DS is older than the Wii U.

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