Yo-Kai Watch Series Coming To The UK This Spring

After its launch in the US last year, the Yo-Kai Watch series will be heading to the UK courtesy of VIZ Media Europe.

The initial season consists of 26 episodes and will be arriving in spring this year. The channel that the series will air on is yet to be announced, but it will more than likely be on a popular children’s channel. More information surrounding this should come to light in the weeks leading up to the series arriving to the UK.

A line of Hasbro toy products will also coincide with the launch of the series, further details on what this will include are yet to be announced.

Will you be watching the series when it arrives to the UK?



  1. “Will you be watching the series when it arrives to the UK?”

    ….. NO…… if I wanted to watch it I would have download somehwere on internet and will have a more pleasant experience cause I won’t have 30 min ads for 23 mins program. And the lenght between US and Uk is just so not right at all…..

  2. 100+ episodes are out in Japanese. Uncut, un-Americanized, un-shitted. Don’t wait for a watered down version IF YOU’RE NOT 7. I mean it’s still a kids show but jeez. I’ve read Viz’s manga edition. It stays true MOST of the time but some changes were really silly. Like calling a public bath a “gym”. No Viz, it’s a place where people go to wash themselves and then they’ll relax in a bath. That’s it. Don’t try to make kids exercise more. Japanese kids aren’t fatasses, usually, like here in America and in Europe. Tho at least they didn’t call riceballs donuts. Thank fucking goodness.

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