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Spanish And French Added To Xenoblade Chronicles X

There’s a new update available for those of you who own Xenoblade Chronicles X. The latest update which is version 1.0.2 doesn’t bring about any additional gameplay changes but it does add Spanish and French subtitles, which is no small undertaking given just how much dialogue there is in the game. If you’re interested you can read our review, here!


39 thoughts on “Spanish And French Added To Xenoblade Chronicles X”

    1. It does, I preordered my copy and it was in Spanish, so I asume it’s vor the American version so the South American and Canadian folks have some language options.

    1. I barely play the game simply because I know I’m going to kill my eyes trying to read it. I already wear glasses, so not much more I can do.

            1. It’s the fact that they can’t read the text, not that the font is bad or anything. For example when I want to see the stats for a gun I want to but I need to stand an inch away from my T.V to see the numbers.

              1. i have no problem with the text despite me have bad sight, im nearsighted and i wear glasses, my problem is reading any type of text and font on a small screen like the gamepad. i can see why some will have a problem reading if they are too far or too close to the tv, also depends on how big their tv is.

        1. The text is extremely tiny. The only text that is even somewhat decent is the subtitle text and it’s the least used text. Text for skills, soul voices, npcs, quests, items, and everything else is extremely tiny. I play on a 40inch TV, with glasses, about 3ft away in my bed and I still have to squint my eyes. You can’t enjoy the game properly because of it unless you go in blind, which is possible but you’ll miss a lot of key points.

    2. Seriously! It’s one of the reasons there’s a 55″ TV in my house since a month ago! While I was shopping one of the things that made me go bigger was X! Ridiculous.

  1. Almost done leveling up yelv then on to the side main missions for character development and depending on the area side missions then the main missions then rinse and repeat for all 19 characters and the place I grind at at least up to level 40 is close to home and I will save up money to give the people the best buyable armor and weapons but the armor they will wear after I see the benefits will most likely be mixed as usual then if I settle on one armor for everyone then upgrade it and I definitely see myself putting 500 to 1000 hours into this game

      1. or you can use your reward tickets if you dont feel like grinding rare drops or common drops that dont drop. i dont always do that, only if i need one if its one or one if its the last one i need.

          1. i usually dont pay attention to updates for when i collect anything from revenue to reward tickets, i do agree that the text is tiny even on my 29 in hd led tv. why 29 in? it was cheaper compared to a 32. it was about a year ago that i got an hdtv so it was cheap at the time ($180-ish, not counting tax)

      2. Don’t know I just collect as many orbs as possible while I’m going to and from places unless if I fast travel and look it up online and what level are you and your crew

    1. I’m just on Chapter 8… Wow, Loving what’s happening. This game is so fucking fun. I FINALLY got my Skells and now it’s like having a new game. Now I have to be patient until I unlock the Flight Modules. x.x
      I’m glad I’ve been saving money. I managed to equip my team with some beefy Skells and firepower before Chapter 8… Like, RIGHT in time, or I would have had my ass handed to me. XD

      1. Ha ha I just completed chapter 4 and I’m going to grind lao who started at level 15 to level 40 he is 30 plus right now and I have been maxing out the other classes then I will once I get enough points max out all of the arts and skills for every character but that will take sometime and I’m saving right now but for better equipment for the new people then I will save for the older members then the skills once I get that far I have 90 plus hours mainly because of the grinding

  2. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!}

    Has to be the American version. Still waiting for an update that adds an updated boob slider. The old one was crap since it apparently forgot to add a limit to how small or big you can make them.

      1. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!}

        Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m still waiting. xP

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>You’re missing out on a game that’s one of the best last year because of superficial irrelevant things that adds nothing to the game whatsoever>>>

          1. Jaded Professor Ridley Bowie X3 {R.I.P. David Bowie, the One & Only Goblin King! R.I.P. Alan Rickman, the Awesome Professor Snape!}

            You create an avatar, right? Well I want to be able to control every asset of what my character will look like. If that involves giving her DDs, or a C, I should be allowed! Fuck this child friendly censoring bullshit!

  3. ????? first time I hear the text does not have French or Spanish sub-title. But I would think that when they released the game in Canada (for example) they would have take the script from the french version and put in the NA version.

    Saying that it suck for non English speaker because they don’t have voice acting for their own language. No wonder why some games I less popular in Europe….

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