Arcades: Capcom Developing Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World

Capcom has revealed today that it has been hard at work developing a brand new entry in the beloved Mario Party series for arcades. The game is titled Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World and is a six-player arcade game machine. The surprise was announced on the company’s website and the full game will be unveiled at the Japan Amusement Expo which takes place on February 19th at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Capcom plans to release the game in various arcades this summer.

The center of the machine will have a projector, that shows a roulette. The machine will have six touch panels for players to use. The game will have mini-games, board games, boss events, and jackpot games. Players will be able to choose which character to use from the Super Mario Bros. series.



  1. If this does good maybe Capcom should consider taking over the MP games from now on. We need Hudson Soft quality work.


  2. Never mind the game being release for the arcade market. I am just amaze that Capcom currently developing a Nintendo IP after all the shit they done to Nintendo. When was the last street fighter on wii U???? Or could anyone remind me when was resident revelation 2 release on the new Nintendo 3 DS?????? it also weird that I never ever saw a capcom vs street fighter entry on the wii U….


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