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Rumour: Detective Pikachu Could Be Episodic

The intriguing Detective Pikachu could well be an episodic series. The game is roughly five hours long and when players reach the end of the game (spoiler ahead) Mewtwo pops up and a ‘To Be Continued’ message is displayed to the user. It is only an eShop title, but the hint that it is episodic is backed up by Detective Pikachu’s subtitle which is ‘birth’ of the deductive adventure. Let’s hope he embarks on many more crime solving adventures!

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  1. I don’t think I’ll be getting this game anyway…I’m already broke and have to figure out a way to get the games I do want still and yet save up some money for some other key things I need.

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  2. I dont know how i feel about this :( this is how i sum it up…
    If its episodic, how long wil i have to wait for each episode?! Telltale has already made me not like episodic gaming due to long gaps between episodes, also if each episode is 5 hours long, you expect me to remember what i did in the previous episode? Again if gaps between episodes are long, that’s going to be just horrible. And finally its Pikachu as a Detective! I sooo want this! Yet, urgh! Episodic! Why nintendo just why?!


  3. Definitely has to be episodic, even if it is an eshop title, it doesn’t seem like the type of game that would run for only five hours. The more I hear about this game, the more I seem to be intrigued by it. Western release please.


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