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Videos: Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World Footage And Possible Gameplay Details

Videos have surfaced that showcase Capcom’s recently announced Japanese arcade game, Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World. In spite of all of the flashing lights and colorful buttons, we can discern that the (seemingly) cooperative 6-player game is centered around a whole lot of chance. In the videos below, we get a taste of Normal play which, at some point off-screen, leads into a Boss Battle against Wiggler.

Because the videos don’t fully show the progression of the game, only certain aspects of it are clear. If you find yourself confused, you can head past the clips to get a run-down of the possible gameplay mechanics at play.

Normal Play

Boss Battle

In Mario Party Mysterious Challenge World, players are set on a path that eventually leads to a boss battle. Along the path are casino-style mini-games that allow players to rack up the jackpot. Losing these games simply pushes the player further along the path toward the boss, therefore lessening the potential jackpot.

All aspects of the game are heavily influenced by the roulette wheel in the center, which is lined with characters faces, question marks, and Bowser symbols. This wheel is used to determine the outcome of the mini-games, two of which are shown in the videos above: “Shuffle Bingo” and “3-Ball Puzzle.”Before either game begins, players enter a “Bet” phase in which they can choose to raise the jackpot.

Shuffle Bingo is a tic-tac-toe-like game in which the roulette wheel determines which character’s face will be placed on the 3×3 grid. If the roulette wheel chooses a question mark, it counts as a wild, as if every character’s face is in that spot. Once three of the same character are lined up, coins are rewarded, the jackpot is increased, and another round begins.  The amount of Bowser symbols on the wheel increases as the game goes on, and the game ends when Bowser’s face is chosen.

3-Ball Puzzle follows many of the rules seen in standard match-3 games such as Candy Crush. However, there are balls mixed in that show different character’s faces. If the roulette wheel lands on a characters face, the corresponding balls disappear, the remaining balls drop, and the resulting adjacent matches are scored. If Bowser’s face is selected on the roulette wheel, the game will end. This game is also played during the battle with Wiggler, but with additional features.

During the Wiggler boss battle, each time a character’s face is picked on the roulette wheel, it counts as an attack that deals one damage against Wiggler’s 17 hit points. If a question mark is picked, it will do five points of damage to Wiggler. As in the standard version, the match ends if Bowser’s face is chosen by the roulette wheel.

More details will likely emerge as the game nears it’s release in Japanese arcades this summer.

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