Kamiya From Platinum Games Wants All His Characters In Super Smash Bros

Hideki Kamiya was asked by a fan on Twitter which of the characters he has worked on would he like to see in Super Smash Bros. His reply? Well, he would like to see every single character he has worked on make an appearance in the beloved franchise. If you could pick one character that Kamiya has worked on in the past who would you like to see battle it out in Super Smash Bros?

Thanks, takamaru64



      1. i didnt vote for her either but also did not expect her to be in smash but did saw that she would be from a mile away. i know it makes no sense to not expect and see it coming to fruition from a mile away


      1. ~*You said the same thing about Shulk at one point, didn’t you?*~


      2. ~*I remember once upon a time on Miiverse that some would say “It’s too soon for Shulk!” when someone was asking for Shulk before he finally got confirmed because he wasn’t “worthy” to get into Smash because he’s only been in one game that came out a few years back.*~


      3. If there’s any character that is in too soon, it’s Dark Pit. He’s been in ONE game as an anti-hero/ally and wasn’t even fully fleshed out. He’s only in Smash because of the director’s nepotism. Bayonetta has at least been the star of two critically acclaimed games.


  1. Wonder Red! Please, Wonder Red! I never asked you anything! D:

    I’m actually pretty happy with Bayonetta because I believe Platinum Games deserve some representation in Smash, they never dissapointed Wii U owners, and Bayonetta was well recieved by Nintendo audience.

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    1. How far are you in X and I am going to grind all playable characters as of now to level 49 which are lin, elma, irina, yelv, doug, gwin, frye, lao, aleena, nagi, muderess, l, h.b. and I have been doing a lot of side main missions and side quests asked by the people and I’m on chapter 8 and will get skills when everyone is maxed out level and armor wise then I will put augments on what I think is the best armor combination and weapon combination but first I have to max out all of the manufacturers and of course 100 percent the affinity chart and encyclopedia etc etc


    1. ~*Or they can never do a dual release of a game where one of the systems is too weak to support again so we can have Ice Climbers, not just Popo or just Nana, because they want to force the same exact roster for both games on us.*~

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    1. ~*You & me both. Instead of Final Fantasy & Disney characters, it’s full of Nintendo characters both commonly used (Link, Mario, Samus, etc) & rarely used (Daisy, Ice Climbers, Mr Game & Watch, etc) instead.*~


  2. Before we go adding anymore third party characters, can we get other long-overdue first party characters like Sylux, K. Rool, Krystal, Black Shadow, get the Ice Climbers back, etc.?

    I mean, the more the merrier, but third parties shouldn’t be a priority.

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    1. ~*drop kicks Sylux who has only been in one Metroid game, so far, out of the line up & puts Ridley, who’s been in numerous Metroid games & is Samus’s Bowser, in his spot on this line-up instead* Fixed it for you. lol*~

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      1. I’m neither pro- nor anti-Ridley, but I want Sylux over Ridley since he’s so mysterious and it could flesh him out a little more. Don’t forget Captain Falcon and Fox had movesets made up on the spot from very little useful material, the same could go for Sylux.

        Ridley WOULD be cool though and I would definitely try him out.


  3. i don’t know what kind of characters he has but i’m pretty sure alot of people will be able to pick the best characters to be in smash bros NX


  4. ~*I’m ashamed to say I only know of Bayonetta. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve mostly only ever played on Nintendo consoles for way too long & only ever knowing of the games Nintendo pushed with great marketing because they seem to be allergic to helping with marketing for 3rd party games on their console.*~


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