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Vote For Pokemon’s Super Bowl Commmercial In This Year’s YouTube Ad Blitz

In case you aren’t aware, the Super Bowl is finally over and the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers – with the final score being 24-10. Pokemon’s 20th anniversary TV spot was among the multiple commercials that aired during the game, which means it’s time to vote for your favorite Super Bowl advert in this year’s YouTube Ad Blitz. Naturally, The Pokemon Company is asking fans to choose its spot – so if you want to vote for it, click here.



  1. I’ll only vote if can get a fucking console pokemon this so called “20th anniversary.” To me pokemon has really gone down hill. Started to lose interest when black and white released.

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      1. And your opinion about my opinion means shit as well. Why because this is fucking Internet. Now go stick your fist down your throat you ape looking son of a bitch.


      2. -||Excellent work boy, the Xbot has been exposed and is now targeted for termination||-


      3. Yep that stupid bitch tried to try me. btw that church of soccer bitch wants your ass hole


      4. -||His logic is flawed as I do not have primitive sphincters||-


      5. -||Look how this cretin is reporting back to his God, it’s amusing||-


      6. Hi! :D Welll, I’ve actually been reading news on here since Nintendo Power went down, but I just made an account recently :) So yeah, kinda new I guess.

        Also I meant Screen Name, not Screwball lol >_<


      7. Well. Just stay on my good side ok. Your to pretty for me to tell you to go fuck yourself. I’d feel shitty for about second or so but oh well. Welcome to my nintendo news. Where dumbasses love to comment. Join me. As we take that bitch Quadrabitch down together.


      8. Dude, everyone has an opinion. Everyone. It’s what makes us diverse and it’s a huge part of society. An opinion is an opinion; just take it for that and move on.
        Honestly, as long as someone respects my opinion, I believe they deserve the same in return, bro. Doesn’t mean you gotta lash out, you know?


    1. Honestly, Black/White was the only one I never finished. I couldn’t get past the fact that they isolated you with nothing but 5th gen Pokemon, and I didn’t like Unova enough to care about seeing what it had to offer. I did enjoy Black 2 though, but there was never really any hype or excitement to me. X and Y really sparked my interest, though, and I think they’ve gained their footing again since then. I think they have a good amount of room to grow too… It’s not a hardcore RPG like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, or even MegaTen, so you gotta take it for what it is :p


  2. I enjoyed it as I didn’t even know what it was for in the beginning. Unfortunately we’ll only get the Tournament on the U so my vote will likely go to some sog commercial.


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