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Sakurai Thanks Super Smash Bros Fans

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has taken to his Famitsu column to thank Super Smash Bros fans for their support and love of the franchise. Sakurai once again explained that development has now ended on Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and now is the time he took a well earned vacation. You can’t blame him!

The last two DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, Corrin and Bayonetta, are now available. At long last, the development on Smash for has ended!! To all of the staff who were involved in this project, thank you for all your hard work. To all who supported and followed the game and its development, thank you so very much. Personally, I’m happy I can finally take an extended vacation.

The fighters themselves become the sources of new excitement. That’s why the new fighters can do things the others cannot, to bring to life a number of battles that did not previously exist. Smash is much more extravagant in its design than other fighting games, development is difficult, and I have to deal with oversight from the original creators, but I have to do my best.




      1. Still kinda early for me to say if she’s broken or not, but I believe the amount of time given with the Witch Time counter for follow ups is a bit much. There are plenty of inescapable witch time-death followups that can happen and I think that shouldn’t be the case.

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    1. I don’t think it needs a nerf. Some moves continue to get through to bayonetta even when witch time is active. I say it’s well balanced.

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      1. You can easily kill anyone at like 60%, just by countering any attack (even a simple jab or aerial) and then charging a smash.
        If the rest of her moveset was bad then it would be balanced, but it’s not. She has a jab that does like 20%, and a great projectile too.


      2. It make sound easy to just counter any attack. Unlike the other many counter included. Bayonetta’s counter doesn’t have damage return when hit. Witch time is only active for like 1 frame I think. Bayonetta is terrible at killing. The kills moves she has is her down air, back air, front throw and her smash attacks.

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      3. Wait what? That air combo can go higher. Someone fucking smack me. I usually try to that combo from the ground using side b ( not holding) up b, left side b, right side b, jump, up b again. It shows the fatal lines. But it never kills. Ugh. Time to go back to the training hall and learn how to correctly use her down afterburner kick and witch time. what a drag.


  1. Only problem with new characters so far is that they have op attacks. Corrin has annoying range and is a spam fest. Bayonetta is great I like her but again all the rookies spam her making me just not want to actually learn how to play with her good. They also really need to lower the amount of time on the clock she gets for a successful down special counter. People literally just press down b continuously and with almost no window for punishment it gets really annoying

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    1. There’s plenty of room for punishment, I know, I main her.
      She might have lots of time, but you don’t do as much damage as other counters!

      Corrin does have annoying range, but he leaves himself wide open after shooting his projectile.
      Corrin is not as OP as you think, he’s just annoying at times!

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      1. Anytime you get a successful counter with bayo u can literally hit people two times in a row with smash attacks. One is already bad enough but still acceptable, two is way too much. On the topic of corrin his counter is really strong and so are his throws and also his side b and projectile bite back not to mention range and how quickly he recovers from a smash attack make for a spam borefest


      2. keith, while i agree that everything corrin can do is effectively punishable
        (i’ve been maining zelda since corrin release and have been winning matchups against him by spamming neutral b OOS)
        his counter can kill little mac at 3%
        see this video for proof

        once i was also playing ike vs corrin and i was only at 12%, i got an airdodge read and went for a forward smash, i charged it for just a moment too long and he was able to counter it, it instantly ko’ed me, and i didn’t even charge the forward smash for that long, it wouldn’t have even been enough to ko the enemy corrin, it stacked me from 12% to 60% instantly killing me, the enemy corrin was only at 63% so rage wasn’t much of a factor

        i daresay that corrins counter can kill anyone at 0% depending on the attack used on him
        you should not be required to stop using anything that kills just because he can throw out a random counter in the middle of panicking when you’re at 0% to kill you, or or at the very least stack a minimum of 40% damage on you
        that doesn’t reward good plays, it just rewards random button smashing, learning the matchup doesn’t matter when he’s in kill % and you use something to kill him, and he counters it so it kills you when you’re less than 70% 60% 50% or even 10% you don’t even need to charge smash attack for his counter to kill you, it can be an instant smash that will be enough power for his counter to kill you with


  2. Might not entirely agree about his character choices or the decisions he makes for their movesets, but I give him credit for making Smash possible on two different systems despite that his arm wasn’t good. So congrats Saku. You deserve a nice paid vacation.

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  3. Sorry, but it seems like SSB Wii U & 3DS were given too many resources, & far too much focus.

    Sakurai could’ve taken a vacation much sooner, which was especially important due to his injury.

    Making it Wii U exclusive would’ve helped the struggling Wii U. By how much is debatable, but surely Wii U suffered. 3DS was certainly doing fine w/ out it.

    How many other games could’ve been made, could’ve been played had so much of the effort spent on a 3DS version & so many DLC releases been diverted to other projects? Seems like a missed opportunity for Nintendo & gamers. Sure, Nintendo profitted, but what about expanding their libraries & giving gamers more titles? Or helping already developing projects? Appease the SSB fans w/ a solid & reasonably generous package while trying to appease them again w/ something new & try to appease the gamers who care little for SSB yet might prefer another game. Wave Race U anyone? F-Zero U? A polished Devil’s 3rd? Shadow of the Eternals? Animal Crossing U? If not the team resources spent on SSB Wii U/3DS & its DLC, then the time & money spent there could’ve aided other projects.

    Whatever. Seems the more DLC there is, the less titles & genre variety there are. The more people obsess w/ a handful of games, the less variety there is. Gamers claim to feel alienated & wish for more games & variety, yet they seem blinded by, even giddy for the causes of stagnation & alienation.

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      1. I also wanna add that Melee stayed in the top ten GCN game charts for almost its entire lifespan (it was a launch title)…w/ out online play or DLC. SSB Wii U already had huge advantages there, but no: OCD is in vogue.

        & if my memory serves me well, Nintendo still managed to make quite a showing on their sales underdog (GCN), which had comparitively low 3rd-party support, albeit better than Wii U. A 1st-party treasure trove:

        Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Eternal Darkness, Fire Emblem: PoR, Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: DD!!, Animal Crossing, Zelda: WW, Zelda: TP, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, Metroid Prime, MP 2, Wario World, Wario Ware, F-Zero GX, Wave Race: Blue Storm, 1080° Avalanche, Baten Kaitos Origins, Paper Mario: TTYD, Chibi Robo, Odama, Cubivore, Donkey Kong: JB…

        Brawl was also a success, but I’m uanable to recall it ever overpowering Wii’s library or receiving so much DLC. & again, Nintendo still managed to make quite a showing (@ least in quantity, quality? Eh…). But this time on a sales powerhouse & despite great 3rd-party support. Another 1st-party treasure trove:

        Super Mario Galaxy, SMG 2, Metroid Prime Corruption, Metroid: Other M, Fire Emblem: RD, Mario Kart Wii, DK Country Returns, Animal Crossing: CF, Sin & Punishment: SS, Wario Land Shake It!, Wario Ware: SM, Super Paper Mario, New SMB, Zelda: TP, Zelda: SS, Xenoblade Chronicles… Of course, Nintendo began wavering, as did 3rd parties,

        In the current gen, the situation worsened, much of which was Nintendo’s fault. Nintendo allowed the 3DS to cannibalize Wii U (SSB being a prime example), & they succumbed to milking individual titles w/ DLC extravaganzas (an industry trend), among other blunders. Apparently, not even the Big N was immune. & while they expand into mobile, their console presence (all of console-gaming) continues to shrink. Now your playing w/ out power. Captain N is in exile, while his masters are in denial.

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    1. Agreed, BUT you’re missing the point that Nintendo did this because at that point they had already given up on the U. Their main system after the Wii was the 3DS, plain and simple.

      That was his choice, he could’ve walked away.

      Nothing could have helped the U because it was destined to fail early on. Every other exclusive didn’t do it, Smash surely wasn’t going to be the one.

      I highly doubt the resources for this project could have funded multiple titles. And it seems you’re directing it at DLC mainly due to the long drawn out release, and that’s even more doubtful because you don’t need a full team for that. And this Smash team wouldn’t necessarily guarantee aid in other genres.

      Welcome!e to the new DLC Nintendo. They found how to easily nickel and dime their most loyal customers. And I agree with much needed variety.


      1. Perhaps its DLC was lite on resources, & would otherwise offer little aid in different projects. However, the outcome does suggest that Nintendo is milking individual titles far more than anyone should, if they were truly serious about viably sustaining themselves. & I think DLC, when used in that way (over a long span), only exacerbates the issue, creating a vicious circle, rewarding Nintendo for malpractice, which they will undoubtedly continue.

        But Nintendo truly supported GCN, despite it being in 3rd place sales-wise (though only about a million or so units behind 2nd place). Luckily, console DLC was another gen away: they profited w/ out DLC, & were better because they had fewer “cheat codes” to lean on. They even profited w/ out selling hardware @ a loss (should be obvious, but nowadays…)

        Also, Nintendo could’ve diverted more attention into GBA, but instead they worked to elevate the GCN. Why did they lean so heavily on 3DS? & w/ so much net-profit from Wii?

        Nintendo did give up on Wii U, & that served a self-fulfilling prophecy. They not only sabotaged Wii U, but further tarnished their rep & drove many of their fans & potential customers away, whether away from gaming in general, or to the competition. Granted, the Japanese console market imploded, but I thought Nintendo could not only have maintained but expanded. Instead of quality & variety, they seem to be lessening their output, throwing their home-console sector under the bus, while adding mobile to their plate. Get fat on NES & SNES, struggle but profit w/ N64, fail miserably w/ 64DD, struggle but profit w/ GCN–all pre patches, digital, & DLC–then get fat on Wii, &…F it, go handheld crazy, spoil the 3DS & occasionally throw Wii U a bone like a foppish noble.

        If NX is a console or simply another platform, then Nintendo has so much to catch up w/. The way they handled Wii U & U games tripped them up even more. They hurt their own subculture & have yet to really compete in the “budget PC” arena. Now if NX is a handheld, well, chances are Nintendo learned from Virtua Boy’s mistake.

        Tangential? Me? I think not. Purple monkey dishwasher.

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      2. Oh, & I think Wii U is the 1st Nintendo console to get so little 1st party support. Maybe they really were far behind the HD dev curve.

        But aside from that & DLC milking, Nintendo seems really desperate re Wii U w/ the amount of Wii ports (especially being backwards compatible), the amount of or any GBA & DS ports (WTF!), & lack of VC games from GCN & Dreamcast.

        Nintendo has much to atone for, but their internal multiplatting, DLC practices (SSB, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon…), is worsening my once favorable view of Nintendo. Are they really Nintendo anymore?

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    2. A handheld Smash Bros. had a huge demand since the GBA days, it’s a miracle that we finally have a handheld Smash Bros., and I’m so happy that this finally happened. Sakurai wanted to do a handheld Smash since the DS days, it was Sakurai looking forward to a handheld Smash too, not only Nintendo and fans.

      BTW, the 3DS version apparently became the best selling game on the 3DS, so I’m pretty sure that all the resources spent on it saw a huge profit in return. The Smash Bros. DLC is Nintendo’s best selling DLC for any game the made before supporting this functionality, which means even more profit paying the resources.

      Conclusion: Smash factually recieved many resources and many focus as well, but because the profits were assured and Smash is as important as Mario and Zelda, it’s Nintendo’s most popular multiplayer, it’s a pretty flexible game that you can play casually or competitively, as a crossover, it’s a celebration of Nintendo and gaming in general.

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  4. Wiiu had 2 of finest fighters one of them was Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this was one of best version of the game second is Super Smash Bros was a better game than Tekken and smash was epic game with ironic characters the stages were from different games, where the lot of action happening in backgrounds and we have to stay away from dangers also we got awesome characters Ryu, Corrin, Bayonetta and cloud, Sakurai thanks for an stunning fighter as one of my fave fighter of this generation, you need good vacation and have a nice rest the hard work have put into this game, well done.


  5. Congratulations Sakurai, for a rushed game… I’m bloody impressed. The effort tears and sweat poured into this game are unimaginable. We, should thank YOU, for putting up with us.
    But I please hope that you look at Smash 4 as something you shouldn’t do for future games Sakurai. This game isn’t perfect, and I’m not talking about the characters. I’m talking about the game modes like Smash Run and Smash Tour. They either needed work or just were just a waste of development.
    Hopefully, Smash 4 has made you stronger.


    1. It also desperately needed a single player story mode. Like the Subspace Emissary mode in Brawl. But preferably better. I have never cared abut this game because of it having no story mode. And also for screwing the once FUN Break The Targets mode. All of the characters in the world couldn’t make me like it.


  6. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda sad Layton never made it in.
    Oh well. I suppose I should be satisfied with a character from a game I don’t plan on getting unless it’s on a discount.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some pop corrin to eat.


  7. This is probably the best smash bros. to date. While some characters are OP, that just makes them all the better challenge to overcome. Each character has their pros and cons, and even Little Mac can handle the spamiest characters. Thank you for everything Sakurai. Even though i wish Snake was back (we know who to blame for that right KONAMI) it still is a great game that is near perfect.


  8. You lot are bit crazy saying it’s rushed and near perfect, what loads of nonsense.
    Super smash bros is a game where they bring lot of characters in one game having Ryu is for street fighter fans, Cloud is for final fantasy 7 fans, Bayonetta is for Bayonetta 2 fans and which game will give these characters in one fighting game still the game has more top fighters such as Sonic, Pacman, Megaman, Zero suit samus, Link, Zelda, Captain falcon, Fox mc cloud and list carries on amazing characters then you have stages from their games and some of them mind blowing especially on Fox Mc cloud, Bayonetta, Cloud, Ryu, Pacman classic stuff then we have stunning HD visuals and the modes pretty cool, what you guys on about rushed one player game, I don’t agree any of you guys saying negative about this game, it’s one of the finest fighter till Pokken Tournament comes out this will replace it for me.

    Killer instinct is ok and Street fighter v better than KI but Wiiu has 2 of the best fighters Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super smash bros and then finally we get third best fighter on Wiiu Pokken Tournament, believe me Xboxone and PS4 don’t have any quality fighters, Mortal Kombat X- Don’t like it, Dead or Alive last round is better than MKX but still has no modes still same as before, Wiiu Wins for having the best fighting games this generation period.


  9. No nerfs for the third highest forward smash reach, strongest counter, and ridicilous amount of moves that deal unnessencarely high amounts of damages and knockbacks hellspawn from the darkest depts from satan’s realm, gravely disrupting the great balance this game once had that is Corrin?


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