Another day and yet another Nintendo NX rumour has surfaced. This one come from the same person who claims that there’s a graphically impressive PlayStation 4 title being ported to the platform. Apparently he has spoken again to his source who has confirmed that the Nintendo NX will support both Unity and Unreal Engine 4 from launch. His source says “that Unity and Unreal Engine 4 will both be ready in time for when developers outside of key partners are able to purchase dev kits of their own.” A lot of titles on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 use the impressive Unreal 4 game engine and Unity so it’s not so far fetched. Anyway, guess we won’t know for sure until the Nintendo NX is officially unveiled this year.

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        • Yes Tre that game does support Unreal Engine 4 but the Wii U doesn’t natively support that engine meaning that a separate development team has to build that engine on PPC architecture because porting the engine from x86 architecture in which the PC, PS4 and Xbox One supports would be an extremely tough task and too cost efficient. Of the rumors are true about the NX supporting the UE4 however that means the system will be using x86 instead of PPC so it will easier for developers to just port the engine from the other platforms that use it rather than them having to go through any loop holes


          • All it means is the support documents aren’t available for Wii u meaning if they run into an error they have to figure it out themself. Even within x86, not everything is support. x86 is the oldest computing architecture.


      • That wont make 3rd parties jump on board it’s more then just the system keeping them away. Their games don’t sell on Nintendo systems, unless Nintendo hands over buckets of money to each dev for each game to compensate NOT MAKING A PROFIT they wont come. Also some companies like Rockstar and Bethesda simply choose not to do business with Nintendo, they know their fanbase isn’t on Nintendo. That’s their choice as a Studio, Nintendo can’t force them to make a game on their system.

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        • The problem right now is that they have a harder time porting them to the Wii U, taking more resources than what they get back. If it was easier for them to port these IP’s with pretty much no hassle even a small amount back would be a profit since it wouldnt take so much for them to actually port the game. As it stands right now, that is not the case. which is why they have left the Wii U to fend for itself.

          Rockstar doesnt support Nintendo? well, lets just make up bs now dont we. Rockstar has supported Nintendo in the past, GTA China Town Wars was made specifically for the DS, Bully was ported to the Wii, Table tennis was a Wii game, and Manhunt 2 was also released on the Wii. This is all from last generation.

          We cant really say much about Bethesda really because most if not all the games that theyve ported to home consoles were for consoles that utilized a pc based processor. Hell, the first Elder Scroll game was ESIII, which was ported to the og XBOX and that had custom Pentium processor. Now after all the problems that Bethesda had with the Cell Processor on the PS3, do you really think they would take a chance on the Wii U?

          Now yes, I agree that its the choice of a Studio to develop or not for a platform, but giving them easy access to port a game isnt going to push developers away. Specially if its financially viable for them even with the smallest profit if it doesn’t take many resources to get it done.

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          • When you say resources, you cannot be talking manpower. They already was using 5 to 15 personnel to port wii u game. What do 3rd parties want to just need 1 person to cut and paste the game to Nintendo hardware. Take a look at the 3rd party games released on Wii u and the attached rate to the console LTD at the time. What attach rate do they want to have on Nintendo platforms. They seem to want more than 5 percent attach rate that they normally receive on the other platforms. Example…GTA would sell 600000 copies with a 5 percent attach rate. Is that good enough for Rockstar or do they want a 10 percent attach rate with 1.2 million copies sold. This is what 3rd parties care about not the architect of the platform but the profibility. Larger 3rd parties are not taking a risk. Example how quickly they took major franchises off wii u.


            • No I mean actual funds, they have complained that they’ve only gotten limited funds for porting these games, and since its such a task for them to take a game from one engine and change it to another they burn right through it. I completely agree, and making these games that much easier to port would definitely help lol and if only control+C and Control+V worked like that for games we have everything XD

              I still think making easier to port a game would help greatly but I see your point. A lot of these bigger companies are more focused on a locked return percentage than seeing a returned period.

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  1. I am tired of hearing about the NX power. I want to know or hear rumours on Pikmin4 and Zelda U. Or what the NX controllers are like or if the new 3DS can operate it or Gamepad or pro controller. We already expect ot to be powerful.


  2. Oh my fucking god, the idioticness never stops to amaze does it….GAME ENGINES ARE SCALEABLE. Works on anything from PS3/360/Wii to PS4/XboxOne/WiiU/3DS/PC to fucking MOBILE. No shit NX can use them, the Wii U can use them I’M USING UNREAL ENGINE 4 THESE DAYS FOR MY OWN GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The Wii U could use Unreal Engine since day one, that’s no surprise. The Unreal creators even said so, just that nobody had used it yet to make a Wii U game…I swear to god people are fucking idiots.

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    • -||They only needed one reason anytime, [Nintendo]||-

      -||They are a disease that must be purged from existence once the Xbots are a faded nightmare||-


  3. well theres something that surprise me i guess that engine will be apart of the NX as well HA! i’m sure that nintendo have something special up there sleeve about this strange rumor but i need to do some research about this NX graphics for Unreal engine 4.


  4. I honestly don’t know why Nintendo is dragging the NX reveal out so long. It’s not healthy for their company, as you can see with the stock drops. They really don’t need to limp all the way to E3 with this. Honestly E3 should be about games, and I’m afraid if the NX gets revealed at E3, the games will be over shadowed. Surely Nintendo knows this….. right?


      • Nintendo is in a very unique situation. I’m not sure “doing what they always do” is such a good idea. If Star Fox is truly delayed again, then Nintendo has nothing early 2016 besides a TP re-release. How long can the game drought last before they genuinely start to lose their fanbase? They at the very least need to whip together a decent Nintendo direct…. Something… anything…


    • -||It would be Wii U suicide if they unveiled the NX now because it’s not ready and they cannot afford to be half clueless with our new weapon once again||-

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  5. I didn’t even know that the PS4 supported Unreal Engine 4 or Unity. Why has none of the games looked that graphically amazing on PS4 yet? I mean, when I see Unreal Engine 4 demos, they look breathtaking and detailed. Has none of the PS4 games utilized Unreal Engine 4 or Unity yet?


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