An Analyst Said Nintendo Cannot Be Acquired

BusinessInsider sat down with Joshua Kennedy of Sonian Capital Management to discuss Nintendo’s current situation and how Nintendo’s mobile initiative could be a helping hand for the company. However, Kennedy also had some interesting remarks to say about acquisitions.

Joshua Kennedy does not believe Nintendo can be acquired, nor does he  feel that the company wants to acquire others. While he believes Nintendo has no issue with partnership deals, such as the mobile alliance with DeNA, he feels Nintendo prefers to be independent and work on their own IPs. Kennedy does explain that the opportunity is there for Nintendo to make acquisitions of their own. Nintendo has more than enough capital to acquire companies such as Capcom or Square Enix. The money is there, but Nintendo is just not interested at this time.


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  1. That’s not what the analyst said. I read the article and the interviewer asks if there are chances of Nintendo been bought out to which the interviewed replied “I don’t think it will happen”. That is a whole lot different than saying «Nintendo cannot be bought» outright.


  2. Really? They could acquire Square Enix if they wanted? That would set the Internet ablaze.

    But in all seriousness, yeah I feel like Nintendo isn’t in the mood for acquiring others. I mean, Capcom was there for the taking at one point.

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  3. No shit…Iwata stated before they wouldn’t ever be bought out. Hell in the Gamecube days Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo and Nintendo laughed and basically said “Oh? You’re serious? No thanks we got money.” And yes we all know Nintendo has a big old vault full of money like Scrooge McDuck and could buy out companies if they wanted to, but for some reason they don’t. Frankly I feel it’s cause of 1 simple thing, they have enough on their plates as is, adding more would be to much to juggle for even Nintendo. Though Capcom could be bought for next to nothing from Nintendo lol. Nintendo can’t spread themselves any farther or it would take even longer to get shit out lol.

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  4. Realistically if a company can function and perform on their own and has for this many years then they don’t need to acquire other companies. Considering from JUST Nintendo we’ve gotten soooo many games I can’t imagine it’d be necessary to acquire another company. Most of the time it seems those companies end up disappearing and becoming part of the one that acquired them anyways.


  5. Unless Nintendo is willing to get rid of everyone in a position of power and force their quality down the throats of Square and Capcom employees, removing their freedom to half ass as much as they seem to love to do, I’d rather they not absorbs such cancers into their company. They only know how to waste money and have so little confidence in their work they whore themselves out at the drop of a hat (no offense to sex workers) to be anything profitable to acquire any way else.


  6. Nintendo should buy out Capcom and SEGA, at least. This will hugely diversify their genres, IPs, and development teams. And lock in a *huge* amount of exclusive content. Imagine Street Fighter, Sonic, and most Atlus games being true Nintendo exclusives


  7. I’d rather Nintendo just get bigger and make new ip’s by themselves. Buying other companies seems like a waste. I think it’s better if they fund certain games and make them exclusive to them, rather than buy a whole company that has a lot of games that they’ll probably never make.


    1. -||And it’s no use in invading and taking over other lesser empires if we can barely make use of our own weaponry||-


  8. ~*Considering how Nintendo’s American Sect in the past year has been with bullshit censors, it’s a good thing they didn’t acquire Atlus when they could have. Otherwise, their games would get censored for bogus reasons. “Oh we can’t have that hot spring alternate portrait because that’s too much skin for teenagers!” “Oh the main villain of Stella Glow is a child because she’s got no boobs so we can’t have her in that extremely revealing outfit! What? She’s hundreds of years old & is just a flat chested adult? No, no, no! American consumers are too stupid to know the difference between a child & a character that only looks like a child! What? We let Nowi who also looks like a child but is thousands of years old get away with wearing a revealing outfit? Damn it! I guess we better go back & censor that with a patch! We don’t want to seem inconsistent with our stupid decisions!” If anyone can think of some other bullshit censoring examples that I might have overlooked that would have happened to Atlus games, let me know.

    I am tired… Of these motherfucking NoA censors… In this motherfucking country..! Nintendo of ‘Muricafuckers!*~


    1. The American government is to blame for “censorship”, not Nintendo. You want your hotspring naughtiness with underage women, or characters meant to be taken for underage women, or underage yet still fully developed girls, then blame your government for censoring, not the company abiding by the laws the government has in place.


      1. ~*Oh yes. It’s totally the government’s fault. They make sure every single game brought to the US is censored. That’s why every 3rd party game also gets censored on the PlayStation & Xbox consoles. *rolls eyes* Damage control at it’s finest. “It’s not Nintendo’s fault, it’s someone else’s.” I’m not an idiot so I’m not falling for it since Nintendo is the ONLY company that censors their games on this level. If it really was the US government, why aren’t other consoles’ getting their games censored? Why is Nintendo the only one getting theirs censored to these degrees & on a regular basis? Why isn’t any of Atlus’ games getting censored on the 3DS? Because it’s not the government but Nintendo, that’s why. I give you an E for Effort, though.*~


      2. …Yes that’s quite litterally how laws work. The fact that you’re attempting to spin sarcasm out of it is kinda sad honestly as you seem to feel what you like is greater than the rules established. Also, Senren Kagura for the 3DS is not censored to the best of my knowledge so clearly some things don’t get censored as hard as you like to embellish. Also I’ve heard no censoring of 999, Virtue’s Last Reward, or Bayonetta. Now you are also ignoring Nintendo is just sticking to it’s principals of what is or is not decent for families within a certain rating range within specified countries, not attempting to just throw Japanese sensibilities across the world.

        Also your attempt to drown out thoughts that disagree with you own, with standard internet tactic of “use inflammatory words to either make person who disagrees with you either fly into an ignorant rage or to shift the topic onto person defending themselves rather than the point they made and that you two are talking about” is kinda useless on one who is familiar with such them. Not all third party Nintendo games are censored and those that aren’t by Sony and M$ third parties tend to be Mature rated so your complaint falls even flatter on it’s already xeroxed ass.

        Learn to go after the cause of problems, not symptoms.


      3. ~*Whatever you say. You got your opinion, even though I feel it is total bullshit, just like I got my opinion. We have nothing more to discuss since neither of us is going to budge. Besides, I’ve had my fun with you today with a few of my other comments calling you out on other articles, so have fun countering them.*~


      4. Actually I have a series of laws, rules, regulations and predicents to back up facts I state. You have an opinion that pedophilia is perfectly okay in video games which is your opinion to have I’ll admit, though I cannot say I agree with it. Sorry I hurt your feelings so badly though. Feel better soon ^_^


      5. ~*Pedophilia is people attracted to children that haven’t hit puberty yet. They aren’t interested in 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17 year olds because they are “too old” as those freaks put it. Clearly you don’t understand my opinion at all if you think I’m supporting that crap, & you definitely don’t know your definitions if you think someone attracted to a 13-17 year old is a pedophile. It’s okay, though. Many people get confused & think pedophilia is an attraction to anyone under 18. And hurt my feelings? If you want to believe that, go ahead.

        As for these facts you state, please. By all means. Give them here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you either don’t have any or you just misread the things since you so easily misread my own comment with your wrong interpretation of the word pedophile. I don’t normally continue with opinion battles but apparently you think your opinion is a fact. So go ahead. Show me the “facts.”

        I can’t believe I’m going to entertain your delusion that the government is telling Nintendo what to censor & what not to censor when there are plenty of T for Teen rated games by 3rd parties that got partial nudity & sexually suggestive dialogue in them & haven’t been censored.*~


      6. …Curious I thought you were done talking because our perspectives could not meet in the middle or switch, so I am kinda baffled with why you’re responding to me again and are now asking for me to respond back..

        Oh and I’m well aware of what pedophilia is, it’s just easy to mistake your stance for it when you’re complaining about things that, well kinda lean towards that (Nah, not really, I’m just bustin your balls and don’t think that about you) and seem to have no grasp of what ratings are for or why something that is okay for a teen in Japan may not appropriate in many Western countries(this however I do think about you). Again we have laws, rules and such that, by majority, we agree on as a sign of decency and breaking said rules are quite frowned upon in visual mediums unless there is a damned good artistic or philosophical reason for it. And even then it’s not guaranteed to fly because our laws and such in these areas are fairly broad. Your indignation of these little things being taken out of games gloss over the fact that very little of what you mention or are talking about are essential to or add that much to our games. It’s sucky to miss out on content, especially when you have no intent other than to just enjoy it as a part of a game or piece of entertainment, but if it doesn’t add that much, there’s no integral part of the story or game mechanics that will be lost on you with their removal, and the content is actually deemed inappropriate for the rating grade aimed for in a specific culture in general, you have to be mature enough to accept that is merely a company complying with established rules and guidelines more than trying to shove some agenda down anyone’s throat. I’ve also given examples of third party games Nintendo hasn’t censored and reminded you that they tend to let just about everything hang out if the rating is M (like how they didn’t censor Conker’s Bad Fur day [an M rated game]… but Microsoft did which further devalues your point on how they don’t censor things). In fact, where is this list of your own of Teen games from M$ony and their lack of censorship in third party Teen games with sexual content in it? Because your two examples are kinda all I’m sure the ESRB would need to argue sexual content under standard Western ideals. And once a game goes beyond sexual content, I don’t think it can be rated Teen any longer.

        So again, if you don’t like it, talk to the government and tell them to chill the hell out on their strict ideas of what is and is not appropriate, and maybe have them demand the ESRB be more lenient on what is and is not sexual in a game or if one scene in a game is worth raising the rating on or not. Atlus or Nintendo deciding to change or remove scenes to keep the rating where they wanted them, for a particular audience, in order to comply with established rules and regulations is called being regulated, not being censored. Now when the entirety of the message of your game, story, whatever is completely altered to fit a specific narrative, you have censorship. Considering the story, message, ect. is not being changed, altered, or removed, you don’t have censorship, but the companies following under rules and regulations they agreed upon.

        I would like games to be delivered whole throughout the world without people getting a rod up their butts about it, but until that happens you gotta just learn to accept the roles before us. And most importantly, other than needing to stop attacking any company for following the rules, we need to learn definitions and stop throwing words around just because we either heard them repeated or because we think we know their definitions. As you pointed out he definition of pedophilia, I’ll leave you with the definition of censorship and regulation.

        The suppression or proscription of speech or writing that is deemed obscene, indecent, or unduly controversial.

        A rule of order having the force of law, prescribed by a superior or competent authority, relating to the actions of those under the authority’s control.


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