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Pokémon Reorchestrated Has Been Shut Down By Pokémon Company

The YouTube channel for the Pokémon Reorchestrated project has been shut down by the Pokémon Company. The well-known fan project is known for making beautiful, orchestral covers of songs from the games’ soundtracks.

However, the channel reached a critical status last week when it received two copyright strikes. This was because a representative from The Pokémon Company personally filed copyright claims against the channel for their Kanto Symphony videos. Braxton Burks, the channel creator, stated that the Pokémon Company never said why the Kanto videos were considered copyright infringement. Not only were all of the songs licensed, but he paid royalties on them.

Another copyright strike was issued, and the channel was terminated. Burks confirmed this on Twitter yesterday. Burks has since learned that you need a specific license for YouTube, a license he lacked.

You can still listen to the songs on Loudr.

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  1. Japanese companies are infected with whatever ruined Capcom and Konami. It spreads and kills companies.

  2. Petty. The pokémon company is nothing but a bunch of petty bitches. Like how they sued that guy for having a pokemon themed birthday party. Really bitch? Like chill the fuck out yo. One party is not going to kill yourtrashy, rehashed, shitty; greedy ass company.

  3. Good. For everyone saying one little thing won’t hurt them, that’s not the point. It’s their IP, and making money off of it is breaking the law, plain and simple. If it was your IP, you would be protective, too. If I steal $5 from you, is it okay because it doesn’t do much harm? Of course not. It’s just hilarious that people keep trying to rip them off and get away with it, then when they get shutdown everyone complains and calls TPC and Nintendo greedy. If we say “it’s just this one time” every time, then all those add up. Once you make one exception, then it’s “well you let those other guys get away with it.” If you can’t respect a company’s rights, you shouldn’t be their customer. You also have to remember that these are unofficial events/games/etc. So it hurts their reputation if something goes wrong or the quality isn’t there, because people will assume it’s backed by TPC or Nintendo when it’s not. If I used your name and hosted an event as you, then something went wrong or the event was horrible, it’d damage your reputation. It’s the same principal. I applaud them for doing this. Leave this stuff up to the people who create the games, it’s not that hard people. Quit acting shocked every time they shut someone down for violating copyright laws.

    1. Kind of hypocritical for Nintendo/TPC(i know they’re not one and the same) to take actions like this against fans, but then use clips of fan made content and pieces of fanart to demonstrate the permeation of their products throughout popular culture.

      Additionally, your rant made it sound like this guy is some sort of insidious criminal and you keep likening him to a thief when that’s not whats going on here at all.

      If this was one of those guys who illicitly posts pirated Pokemon game soundtracks to Youtube, soundtracks TPC sells as albums on iTunes and Amazon, I could agree with you, but that’s flat out not what’s going on here.

      He actually PAID THEM for the licenses to remix the music and to distribute the remixes.

      Apparently this came down a technicality between an audio-only streaming site and a video streaming site and how that applied to the languages of the licenses he purchased.

    2. i have to agree, it does look like TCP and Nintendo are being greedy or stupid but its not, they dont want their reputation to be ruined by others, if they want to ruin their reputation then it will be of their own accord. if i want to ruin mine i want to do it myself, not by someone else.

      1. He wasn’t ruining anyone’s reputation.

        In fact, he was PAYING THEM ROYALTIES for PERMISSION to record and distribute the remixes.

        Once again, this came down a not especially obvious differentiation between an audio-only streaming site and a video syncing site, the language of the licenses he purchased only covered audio only streaming.

        The Pokémon Company could have handled this dispute much better than to without warning obliterate the channel of a very hard working person who was actually doing the right thing by paying them royalties so they legitimately make and distribute remixes of their music.

  4. -||Considering he paid royalties then the Pokemon Forces should have given him the opportunity to acquire this license||-

      1. -||Well when it comes o Let’s Play channels, most are iven free pass as the Empires that made these games do not really care, our Empire is different in this regard as you need that Youtube/Nintenco program to acquire this permission||-

        -||Assuming you are gaining resources for it||-

        -||I think it’s something similar with this issue, although whether that has anything to do with Youtube in essence or not I don’t know||-

  5. ~*Wow. The corrupt forces of the Pokemon Company strikes again. Better start suing people that sell their used Pokemon games on eBay, guys. You can’t let these Average Joes ruin your reputation. After all, you guys are doing that well enough on your own.*~

    1. ~*This is one of those times when you Nintendo loyalists could blame the US government since this is a law. BUT at the same time, the Pokemon Company doesn’t have to enforce said law if they don’t want to so the blame is 50/50. *chuckles again at someone actually trying to blame the government for Nintendo games getting censored when there are dozens of non-Nintendo games not getting censored like Atlus games for example* Just goes to show I was right to coin the term Nintendolt because some Nintendites really are dolts.*~

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