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Video: Here’s The First Look At Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

We’ve finally been given a look at the long awaited Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 during MAGFest today. Keiji Inafune and Inti Creates informed fans about the game’s progress and also released a gameplay trailer. What we have learnt is that Gunvolt will have a brand new design in the game. The developers also teased that there’s plenty more information to come and that they’re working hard to create “the best high-quality game they possibly can” and they’re “working very hard to be able to get you guys the sequel to Azure Striker Gunvolt as soon as we can.” Check out the off-screen trailer for the game, below.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The First Look At Azure Striker Gunvolt 2”

  1. This looks like the first one with DLC. I don’t see anything “new” that justifies a sequel. While I don’t plan to buy it, I hope they fix the terrible story issue they had with the first one.

  2. Wait, there’s gonna be a sequel?…

    Meh. The first one was okay and all, but this isn’t really exciting. My main problem with the first game was the mediocre level design, so maybe it’ll be better in this one. The bosses were really the only highlight of that game for me. I probably won’t even get this game, unless I hear really good things about it.

  3. This is awesome!Hooray for Gunvolt!He seems to be wearing a darker outfit…or is it just me?Who’s this Ouka girl too? And well…gameplay wise things didn’t change, though i liked the boss and that electrosphere thingie…
    I hope to see something new, but if it doesn’t, i’ll get it anyway cuz i love it xD

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