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Pre-Orders For Pokemon Sun & Moon Have Already Opened

You can now pre-order Pokemon Sun and Moon at select retailers. As of this article’s writing, it has only been a few hours since the games were announced on a Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct. Because of this, the list is not that long. Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have all set up pre-orders for the game. Member of Amazon Prime and Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked programs get a 20% discount for the game.

Pokemon Sun & Moon is expected to release this holiday season.

15 thoughts on “Pre-Orders For Pokemon Sun & Moon Have Already Opened”

  1. Gotta have waaaay more information before I’d even bother preordering it. Also, I would expect some included gift set’s of the game. It is the anniversary after all, I would think there would be some bonuses. That is wicked fast though.

      1. I agree, I’m thinking more along the lines of like what Majoras Mask special edition got, a few collector’s sets probably wouldn’t be a stretch. We’ll see, I still need lots of information before I’m sold.

  2. Hoping amazon is still getting Moon… Best buy ships to me but only space available (waited 40 days for my Google chrome cast). GameStop cost shipping and they do not ship consoles to me.
    Toys r us is okay
    Walmart and Target won’t ship anything to me :/

    Even though I have an American address (NY) :/

    And amazon just ships right to me without any difficulties. Well toys r us did that with my WiiU in 2012.
    If not I will just check out toys r us. But amazon would probably be cheaper since I have got amazon prime

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