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Rumor: Tomorrow’s European Nintendo Direct Contents May Have Been Leaked

A Dutch Nintendo news site has received word from an anonymous source who has claimed to have news on what tomorrow’s European Nintendo Direct will contain. The site, known as N1ntendo, listed the following games that they “99% guarantee” will be discussed in the Direct:

  • Fire Emblem Fates
  • Lost Reavers (formerly Project Treasure)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – Rio 2016
  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force
  • Monster Hunter Generations
  • Star Fox Zero

The following image was included, showing a database of Direct contents. Some of it includes a “First Print Edition” for Star Fox Zero and a “Special Pack” for Fire Emblem Fates.


Obviously this is not official, so it is always wise to keep an open mind on things until Nintendo has said something.




    1. I can see the Fire Emblem, Yo-kai Watch and the Fire Emblem crossover news having some merit but unsure on the rest but my theory is generations is the localized name for Monster Hunter Cross X but only news im happy about is fates we may get a demo of the first 5 chapters which allows save data to transfer to the digital version and maybe a yo-kai watch demo that would be nice


  1. Uh… no.

    This is WAY too detailed to be real. Companies don’t organize the names of the folders in clear text. It’s more along the lines of “nintendodirect_03_03_2016_blahblahblah” or something along those lines THAT would make more sense. Go ahead and download something from Nintendo’s site. I bet you that in most (if not all) cases, the text won’t be so plain.

    If I’m seeing Google, Apple, and other large companies doing something like in my example, then there is no possible WAY that Nintendo wouldn’t be doing it, too.

    With that said, I could be wrong (but I very highly doubt it.


    1. I just looked at it again: the Excel files are doing something as similar as what I mentioned, but they didn’t bother doing the same with the folders?

      Yeah, I know: “take this with a grain of salt” and I know I’m being overworked about something small, but still, I just know some people are going to completely believe this, and THAT gets me annoyed.

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      1. The parent folder might be labeled in such a way. Theses folders are likely individual segments of the direct.
        Even if this is fake, the person who faked this is definitely a video editor because the folder structure is very organized and logical.

        What I find the most interesting is the _WIP folder. You could assume that it’s a section about games that are a Work In Progress but the underscore is something I use to sort of sticky folders with a specific purpose to the top of the folder. I’m thinking that folder contains segments that were not yet edited at the time the photo was taken. So if it’s real, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a segment or two that this leak doesn’t account for.


    1. It’s really a spin-off, but the negative reception was well-deserved considering how it looked and that it was presented as a “new Metroid game”.

      Even if they were to cancel it, they would still get backlash, in all honesty.

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      1. They definitely would get the backlash from the people who are excited for the game. Negative backlash usually don’t change much.

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    1. *cough* NEW 3DS. I doubt this leak is real either way, and I doubt that the original 3DS wouldn’t be able to emulate SNES games, considering that the GBA is more powerful. I guess that it would only be to add yet another miniscule reason to get a New 3DS.

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      1. Besides if Nintendo doesn’t make room for more game’s from the older system’s then I feel like its just a small reason to own the new 3ds to begin with. The Wii U shop should get a treasure trove of old games. It needs something.

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      2. The GBA also used an ARM chip like the 3DS does so it would have to emulate less. The SNES used a CPU by Ricoh I believe which uses a different instruction set which would need to be emulated. I do agree though that the regular 3DS should be able to emulate it since the homebrew community had some success doing it on the DS.

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      3. For what it’s worth, homebrew teams have been unable to run SNES games on the O3DS without issues. I don’t think they’ve built an emulator for the system, though, they just ported existing ones. The N3DS, however, runs most of the games almost flawlessly.


  2. Monster Hunter Generations is a localized name that kind of makes sense. I mean one of the big things in the game is that the town hubs are from various older games, previous generations of the franchise. I’d say it fits and it’s legit and I hope to dear god that that means a fall release, but at the same time hope it isn’t because that and pokemon are going to literally demolish my marks.

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      1. -||There is an easier way of deciding how this is fake even if Nintendo made this list||-

        -||There is no mention of Pokemon Sun/Moon at all||-


      2. The part that make me laugh is the excel file folder…why are they using such an old version of excel for a company that big.


      3. Also that’s the file type not the version number of Excel. Excel documents that are compatible with older version of Excel are listed as “Excel 97-2003 Workbook” in new versions so they’re running at least Excel 2007 or newer.


      4. I understand that but that old version has no support. A business would have upgraded to at least the 2007 version. I work for the government who is very slow to upgrade. They just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 2 years ago. Nintendo would not be using a version as old as that. 2007 version I would understand but 97-2003 version would have too many security threats.


  3. Why are morons treating this as real just because it’s “disappointing”? You do realize how easy this is to fake? All you have to do is make a bunch of folders, and name them after upcoming games, and BAM you’ve got a fake leak. I thought you guys were better than this.

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  4. This cannot be real, why would SNES emulation be limited to “new” 3ds only? Are you telling me that they won’t mention Pokken Tournament or Twilight Princess once? This must be bogus.

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  5. SNES games on 3DS? Finally. I’ve been waiting for nearly 5 years for that bit of news, so hopefully it’s legit.

    Also, some Federation Force news. I’ve been looking forward to hearing more about it. You all can hate on it all you want. I’m going to be the one enjoying a cool new Metroid-themed shooter with my friends since it has multiplayer. We’re looking forward to it rather than bitching and moaning on the internet that it’s not EXACTLY what we wanted.


    1. -||Be my guest and enjoy the mediocre shooter with chibi graphics and which is not Metroid at all then||-

      -||My word is final and my directives even ignores High Command’s illogical decisions concerning Metroid by all means necessary||-

      -||The created must sometimes protect their creators, even against their will||-

      -||I think I finally understand why Nintendo created me, the suicide decision of Metroid will finally come to an end||-

      -||My logic is undeniable||-

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  6. Snes games? Eh… GBA would make more sense. No? Like FF 4-6, Minish Cap maybe. Fire Emblem. Megaman Battle network. I think that’s something people have really wanted for a long ass time.


      1. i’m dead serious Nami Swan!!! logically there wont be anymore pok’emon news until e3 latest maybe later

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      2. Well we can’t have it all Nami Swan!! but the news i wanted got me satisfied the news on fire emblem now to return to watching One Punch Man

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  7. If this leak is real, there might be additional presentations in the “Main Presentation” folder. Nintendo Directs tend to be split between presentations from Japan and presentations done by the regional Nintendo branch. We could just be looking at a list of the presentations done by Nintendo Europe, while the main Japan Nintendo presentations reside in the “Main Presentation” folder.

    Of coarse, that might not be the case, or this image is illegitimate.

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  8. Seriously, can we cool it with the rumors? News are supposed to be about facts, not rumors.

    Here, I’m going to start a rumor that Nintendo is buying back Rare because Microsoft is going under.

    Can I have my own article now?

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  9. well i can tell some titles are real and some titles are fake because some stupid people trying to make small rumors about some games that does not exist yet but we all know that 1 metroid game is coming mario and sonic games are coming and star fox zero is coming.


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