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Japan: Wii U Stock Shortage Caused By Nintendo Restricting Supplies To Avoid Unsold Inventory?

If you follow the Media Create sales charts on a Wednesday then you will be well aware that high profile retailers in Japan are experiencing Wii U stock shortages. Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting a rumour that the stock issues are due to Nintendo apparently been restricting supplies to avoid unsold inventory. People initially thought the stock shortages were due to a soon-to-be announced price cut, but the former sounds more likely.

In Japan, since late January, signs saying “Wii U is out of stock” have begun appearing at game shops across the country. That has sparked rumors the company might be about to cut prices, though Nintendo denies this. According to the rumors the company has also been restricting supplies to avoid unsold inventory.


18 thoughts on “Japan: Wii U Stock Shortage Caused By Nintendo Restricting Supplies To Avoid Unsold Inventory?”

  1. to be honest people buy it for the back log library cause this year so far on the wi we have:
    – Zelda twilight princess HD (April)
    – Mario & sonic @ Rio (june)
    – Paper mario colour splash (june)
    – tokyo mirage session #FE (june)
    – Star fox wii U (April)

    so in short we have in EU
    – 0 game in January
    – 0 game in February
    – 0 game in March
    – 2 games in April
    – 0 game in May
    – 3 games in June (after E3)….

    Can’t be right…????

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  3. Thats stupid. To avoid unsold products? Who the hell doesnt use robots to make more products to meet demand. Nintendo is so stupid when it comes to R&D. Stupid in spec decision making, stupid in not advertising and stupid in meeting demand. Yet Sony doesnt have this problem.

    1. Nintendo uses the some people that Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and (almost virtually) every other tech company uses to assemble their products:

      Foxxcon (and they don’t use robots all that much).

        1. … what… are you even talking about? I wasn’t discussing about whether or not Nintendo didn’t make it stronger or R&D, or anything else. I was SPECIFICALLY addressing your point about the robots and don’t really give two hoots about anything else. So don’t try to change the subject in order to make you right.

          (Also, Nintendo has always made their systems underpowered (with the exception of the GameCube, and yet we’ve seen how that faired out.)

          Here, we see that Nintendo doesn’t know how to properly handle the supply chain. You can see proof of that with the Wii not being able to sell as many as they could sell at the time (compared to, say Samsung and Apple, where their products are many times more expensive than the Wii and yet they can easily sell tens of millions in one weekend). Sony’s never had the issue either because they have more experience with more of their products and therefore are able to handle it. Nintendo has always been weak with that front, so in here, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo is simply having issues here and they don’t want to admit that they’re weak in that area and say something else (the only reason why they admitted that they were weak that time is because it helped them more to push more Wii units (basically, a marketing ploy)).

          1. I have to correct you on something.

            Contrary to popular belief: Before the Wii, Nintendo always had the most powerful console on the market. It wasn’t til that gen & the gen we are in now that Nintendo started making their consoles weaker than the competition. The reason the N64 got it’s ass kicked by the original PlayStation was because Nintendo refused to adopt disc formats for the console. That & the ability to play your music CDs on the PlayStation didn’t help the N64’s image either. As for the GCN, it got it’s ass kicked because even though it adopted the disc format, Nintendo tried to be different from the competition so they made it play small discs instead of the more common sized discs. That, and like it’s predecessor the N64, it also got it’s ass kicked because once again it lacked the ability to play music CDs as well as DVDs. They not once lost to the competition because they were the weakest consoles on the market. The honor of losing to the competition because it was the weakest console of that generation goes to Wii U. The Wii, though weak, managed to beat the competition because it sold to more than just gamers.

            Either you didn’t get into gaming until late in the GCN’s life or til the Wii era or you are clueless as to what console in each gen was more powerful. I want to believe the latter, though, since I use to be clueless to this stuff back in the day myself because as a child & as a teenager, I didn’t really focus on the political crap as I was too busy having fun with video games to care. Oh how I miss those days. :/

            1. Actually, SNES, N64 and GC were more powerful of the time for simple consequence of Nintendo always being late to adopt a new generation. SNES was made nearly two years after Genesis; N64 was made nearly one year after PS one and Saturn; GameCube, after one year of the PlayStation 2….

  4. Nintendo is also stupid for thinking of a wireless HD cable and plan on releasing the NX giving Sony plenty of time to buy the NX and take it apart and figute how to copy it and making it 3x more powerful. I bet Nintendo was too stupid not to think of that either.

  5. This wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo has purposefully not met demand and cut back on supply – whether it be to drive up the inherent “value” of the item or simply because they already met their quarterly numbers. Obviously it’s all “hearsay” and not officially substantiated, but when you look at the consistency of it all, it’s either Nintendo being completely incompetent with meeting supply (and for such a big company, are you really that naive to believe that?), or they know exactly what they’re doing.

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  7. Interesting. If true, I was right. Nintendo just doesn’t have faith in the Wii U selling millions upon millions in Japan anymore. Give it time, though. America & Europe are next to experience a “stock shortage.”

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