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It looks like the days of import sites may be over as has begun offering international shipping for games and consoles, including those by Nintendo. There are still listings that say otherwise, but NeoGAF users have reported that they don’t seem to be accurate anymore.

However, the process isn’t that simple. You will need a new account and it must be from Your American or European accounts will not work. A credit card is also required and the product you are ordering must be sold by Amazon itself. There is even some disagreement on whether it is possible to pre-order a gaming product.


20 thoughts on “ Has Begun Offering International Shipping For Games and Consoles”

    1. I buy a ton of Japanese CDS from Amazon Japan, and have shipped stuff from Japan to US when I lived there, soo In my experience, the cheapest price for shipping from Japan on Amazon is around $4. Though, that’s the bare bones minimum with not tracking and it can take up to a month and a half -_- Decent hopping services with tracking are usually about $15-$25 depending on package size and weight, but most singles games have been around $20 most of the time. If you get a console, it can be up to $50-$60 usually. Most I payed was probably $80 and that was to ship a 30 pound Yamaha Keyboard :p

      1. Thanks for this. Was thinking about buying Dark Souls 3 from Japan just to play it early. But if it takes over a month to get here that’d be pointless.

      1. There’s that cute face.

        Yeah I know, but I can dream and kick and scream for it! Wind Waker will have to feed my craving till it arrives, I never got to finish it anyway.

          1. Oh nice! GameCube had the very enjoyable Tales of Symphonia. I’m playing (trying to at least) Tales of Zestiria, it’s pretty good so far.

            I’m about to start really playing Wind Waker myself. And yes, hella excited for Zelda Wii U. =]

  1. Oh my god, thank youuu<3 This could make importing games so much easier XD I was gonna but the Japanese release of the PS4 Attack on Titan game because I'm impatient… Good thing I haven't got it yet XD

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