Europe: Hoverboards Or Jetpacks In Next Splatfest

Nintendo Europe has announced that another Splatoon Splatfest is due to take place soon and the theme itself is rather cool. This time you can choose between Team Hoverboard or Team Jetpack. The event takes place on Saturday, March 19th at 6pm GMT and 7pm CET.

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      1. -||Just chose the one closest to my function, of course neither of these things are anywhere even remotely related nor close to mine||-

    1. Neither! This shit is fucking rigged. The winner is already fucking chosen.

      1. -||I don’t care about Splatfest, I just chose something because I’m on standby||-

            1. A simple question was asked and this stupid bitch had go and slap itself in the face. Sometimes I worry about you.

  1. They’re both absolutely RADICAL as hell, but I’d probably go with the hoverboard here. Reminds me of that Urbz game on GBA… and jetpacks are in plenty of games already. Gotta go with the underdog.

    PS: I know hoverboards are going to win the popular vote just because of Back to the Future.
    PPS: It’s not like I can vote anyway, I’m not in Europe.

  2. I’d probably go with a hoverboard. Sure, jetpacks let you fly and stuff, but hoverboards are just cooler. Plus, depending on the specifications of the hoverboard, namely whether or not you could raise/lower it, you would be able to practically fly! (Judging from the image, it seems that the green Inkling is doing some ascending.) I also, from the image, imagine that they’d be more fuel-efficient.

    Also, they’re multi-purpose – assuming that they do have variable heights, you could use it as a sort of bench by raising it off the ground more, or even a table to put stuff on! They’re just a lot more versatile.

  3. Jetpack. Speaking of, I miss Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Then again, I can always play Star Wars Bounty Hunter on my PS4 if I want to use a jetpack.

    1. -||Shadows of the Empire, yes that should be one codename for my team||-

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