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Miitomo Tutorial Section Images Uncovered

We haven’t got long now till Miitomo launches as Nintendo’s first smartphone title is due to be released this month. One of the readers has unearthed some data from the game’s website showcasing images from what appears to be the tutorial. It makes sense for there to be one at the start of the application to show users exactly how to use the software. The reader has also uncovered that My Nintendo points can be redeemed for various clothing and accessories that your character can wear. You can check out the images, below.

Thanks, T.

29 thoughts on “Miitomo Tutorial Section Images Uncovered”

    1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      -||Of course you do, haven’t you learned yet boy? You were made to be ruled||-

        1. Now why would you make that assumption kid there are a few nintendo games i am interested in on the wii u and many on the 3ds and there are many vita games i want and ps4 and ds and gba and psp but a lot of these dumbass extra features or whatever these gaming companies are doing i am not interested in cuz im not going to use it so therefore dont give one shit about it and this shit is useless anyway and nintendo is still fuckin shit ass and need to cater to my crowd

                1. Well I’m not posting it again since people can’t read or are drones on this website and can’t handle criticism I may post it later if I feel like but Nintendo need a huge overhaul the ride they will be at the bottom of the gaming industry they are ducking trash and need to get with the times there is no excuse whatsoever

        2. Hopefully the clothes and accessories are just examples of the things you can get with reward points… if all the rewards are digital clothes for you Miis then we have a problem.

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