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Destructoid: Hyrule Warriors Legends ‘Runs Like Garbage On The Old 3DS’

If you’re planning to grab a copy of Hyrule Warriors Legends later this month, your best option would be to play it on New Nintendo 3DS or New 3DS XL. This suggestion comes from Destructoid writer Chris Carter, who says the game “runs like garbage on the old 3DS.” You can read some of what he had to say below. Hyrule Warriors Legends is set to launch for the entire Nintendo 3DS family of systems on March 25.

If you have a New 3DS, you’re in the clear. The game runs optimally without the 3D effect on with the New unit, at a very stable framerate that rivals the Wii U version. It’s fine with the 3D on actually, you’ll just get a slight dip — but it’s playable.

Having tested it on my spare launch [old] 3DS however, it’s noticeable worse, to the point where I sincerely think Nintendo should have just made this a “New” exclusive. It’s really, really bad, with sub 30fps performance and no option for 3D. I didn’t even want to play through the first stage it was so poor.


84 thoughts on “Destructoid: Hyrule Warriors Legends ‘Runs Like Garbage On The Old 3DS’”

            1. My point being, if someone buys a Wii U because of HW, it’s not a bad decision – that person can also enjoy the rest of the Wii U’s library. No console is worth buying for one game alone… but it’s not like a Wii U owner *would* buy one game alone.

                    1. You replied in buying a Nintendo console for one title..
                      “Some don’t like any game on Nintendo sometimes.”

                      They wouldn’t be considering a purchase to begin with.

                  1. I meant that if they don’t like any game on the Wii U other than Hyrule Warriors but own a 3DS why would they even buy a Wii U just for Hyrule Warriors when they can get it on the 3DS?

                    1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                      1: The Wii U version existed before Legends was even announced. The Wii U was the only way to play it at the time.

                      2: The 3DS version wasn’t made so you wouldn’t have to buy a Wii U. That doesn’t make sense. Of course Nintendo wants you to still buy the Wii U. Legends was obviously made as a way to make a little more cash. And possibly even serve as a back up in case the Wii U version sold poorly.

                        1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                          I just said the original game was here before Legends was announced. Nobody knew it was coming to the 3DS. Also, no it’s not stupid. Because the Wii U version is supposed to be better. The 3DS shouldn’t be getting content before the Wii U version nor should it have exclusive content. That isn’t fair to people that bought it on Wii U.

                      1. Yes it is stupid. Buying a wiiu just for this single game that is now on the 3ds which has more content at this point is stupid. This is assuming the person has a 3ds to begin with.

                        1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                          Why do you keep assuming Hyrule Warriors is the only reason someone would purchase a Wii U? I doubt many people see that game alone as a system seller. Anyways, I’m talking about existing Wii U owners. People that already owned one when Hyrule Warriors arrived.

          1. I agree, I’m sick of Nintendo etc. making sequels (or, different versions) of Wii U games for the 3DS. When a game starts on Wii U, it should STAY on Wii U (and NX). Not go to the handheld. Though I do understand, this was originally supposed to be so that gamers who don’t have a Wii U can experience the game too. But it’s been so much more upgraded from the Wii U version that it almost feels like a sequel.

            1. uh, right…sequel means a complete new story to the original…like mario galaxy 2. adding a few new characters and a bit longer same storyline doesn’t mean it feels or is a sequel. get your facts together man.

              1. …I think you just described Mario Galaxy 2. : p

                As in, it is a game which, story-wise, added no more than “a few new characters and a bit longer same storyline.” It’s a retread of the original in that regard.

                A more apt definition of a sequel, is a game which provides a new / different *experience.* After all, not all games are focused around story, or innovation in that area – this is especially apparent in games such as Mario Kart, where there *is* no story to begin with.

                So under this definition, Galaxy 2 is a sequel. While it has the same story and gameplay engine, the stages and thus the experience as a whole are, for the most part, brand new.

                Legends seems more like a “super edition” of the original, since it does have the same stuff as the Wii U original from what I can tell, but just with more stuff added on top of that. (Although, it’s hard for me to judge since I haven’t actually played either HW or Legends. :p)

        1. i thought this was a “new” tittle… other than xenoblade chronicles, what other “new” exclusives are there? i thought we would be getting some new super rad games. way to make use of that nub stick or whatever your call it. havent touched it once.

          1. you know what? wouldnt even matter if HWL is a “new” exclusive. that would just be two games i already own on other consoles. im not gonna buy ’em again, so thats still zero use of that thumb nub thing.

              1. Oh dude, im sure it is. I remember thinking to myself how a console that was branded as a 3d handheld didnt have it to begin with. i was kinda surprised it took them as long as it did to produce something like it that wasnt that weird extra stick add on thing. i just wish i had some games that used it.

        2. That’s funny, the Warriors game at large are synonymous with garbage to begin with. And HW doesn’t even have the saving grave of the hilariously poor English dubs that were once the only saving grace (such as it is) of the series. Poetic.

        3. What I really found frustrating is that 3DS get a wii or wii u game port but not the reverse. I wouldn’t mind HD 3 Ds game for my wii u. I am sure Nintendo will grab enough money to cover the cost of the development. I mean just get a pokemon game like ruby or sapphire and here some sales.

        4. My niece is going to HATE hearing this. She was wanting this game. But she doesn’t have the New 3DS. Pretty much seals the game’s fate with myself as well. No way can I afford a New 3DS when I’ll be buying a PS4 in May, and a hard drive for my Wii U (and maybe Star Fox Zero). I’ll be low on money for the rest of this year. Which scares me if the NX really releases this year.

          1. Just a side note – it isn’t horribly “garbage” on a 3DS XL. So if she has at least that, then she will still enjoy it. But it could look better. Our review goes live next Monday for HWL. :)

          1. Nintendo should have released the 3DS with the new model’s specs. And I find that hard to believe that the original model can’t run SNES games. I mean, it can run GBA games just fine, and the GBA more powerful than the SNES spec-wise. I think Nintendo is just trying to make a reason for upgrading to the New 3DS without actually making new games.

          1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

            -||The difference is that unlike their species, our people, the elite warriors of the Empire don’t tolerate garbage even if it’s from the Empire itself||-

            -||This is why we must eliminate all civilians as soon as possible||-

            -||The other two just swallow everything given to them even if they know it’s garbage||-

          2. There is a difference between a broken game and a certain hardware not being able to accurately account for what it’s being told to do. That isn’t Nintendo’s fault, they didn’t make HWL when the original 3DS came out. There’s a new version, obviously this would be optimized for that version.

            1. Like I have said several times I am a disgruntled fan and will continue to post my opinion and all of the butthurt drones and retarded children can read my comments and get destroyed or like them or just scroll past them it is as simple as that and I want Nintendo to be more like Sony in several regards but that will most likely not happen and you have your opinion of me I don’t care little kid and Sony is doing right by me by coming out with a lot of games I want whether it is from 1st party or 2nd party or 3rd party the only bad thing is that I may not have enough money to get everything g this year who knows but Sony definitely has more day one buys then anyone else this year especially Nintendo and I don’t know about Microsoft but I would still say they have more games I want to purchase on that system then the wii u and the 3ds is good once I get my new 3ds xl there are a lot of games I want and there are a lot of games I want on the vita also

              1. So you essentially want Nintendo to create watered down PCs? Instead of trying to innovate and keep gaming fun? Playstation has some good titles, but they’re not doing anything to innovate anymore. And if you dare say VR; VR is the new motion controls and won’t last.

                Nintendo aren’t going to try to fill that testosterone-driven “I must be #1” sense that these new-age gamers see as what it means to play games. Stop being so picky and be accepting of things, you’ll be surprised how many fun games are out there. Also I highly doubt you’ve even touched 25% of what either system have to offer, so you must be going off of solely screen caps and reviews.

                1. This again… I don’t know why people keep holding on to that “innovation” excuse. That’s exactly why the Wii U is where it’s at today. Why do you believe that if Nintendo created a console that was meant to compete with Sony and Microsoft that they would no longer be able to innovate anymore? PlayStation may not be trying to do what Nintendo is doing, but look at where the PS4 is. You don’t need “innovation” to have a good console. You need games. If you want to innovate, you can do that by making it entirely optional. That way, anyone that actually cares about that extra stuff can go get it. That’s not Nintendo’s way of thinking. They expect you to use exactly what they give you and that you will like it.

                2. No region locking, 3rd party support, advertise your games besides 1st parties, make a console strong enough to get 3rd parties, pay for 3rd parties if need be, better online, more features especially for the people that like to use them, have achievements because people have been bitching about that for years now, have a normal controller with a headphone jack, have at least 1000 friends, etc etc I’m sure there is a lot I am leaving out but when I first saw the things the ps4 could do I was just in awe like Damn this is nice but of course for me I just want to play games so all of the extra stuff is nice if I wanted to use it and yeah create a watered down pc because that is what consoles have become and it is obviously working especially for Sony this generation and I’m sure Nintendo will follow suit with the nx but if they don’t what are going to be the consequences and gaming is fun I don’t see how if I play on another system gaming isn’t fun for example when I played the wolf among us on the vita I was having a shit ton of fun and it instantly became one of my favorite games of all time and 8 don’t care about innovation Nintendo or whoever can innovate all they want if it doesn’t benefit me in just playing games I could care less for that shit and once again I don’t care for vr you ignorant child and Nintendo just need to do what the fans have been wanting g them to do which is get with the program and stay up to date and go toe to toe with the competition they can do all of the innovation they want but be up to date and I’m not picky I will play any system that has games on it that are in the several genres I play which will most likely be a lot of systems if I were to buy them all but I only want a certain amount and I have seen what the wii u has to offer and it is obviously not enough buy when I personally buy them of course I will have several games to play now idk how much but I bet your life that I will have more on the ps4 because they cater more to me buy having more games in the several genres I like to play and possibly even the xbone but I have to check on the library of the xbone because I will mainly only be buying exclusives on that system but all of the rest of the 1st party and 2nd party and 3rd party will be most likely on the ps4 and the wii u whatever games I like which aren’t on the other 2 and no I don’t go off of reviews or screen caps I go off of game play and what I like you retarded child

                  1. Why do you care if they’re competing with the other companies? That doesn’t make any sense, why does there profit line mean anything to you? I mean the Wii U has outsold the XBox One, what more competition do you want? They won that battle. The 3DS outsold the Vita. So not competing? I’d say they’re holding their own. Instead of go one on one with someone else though, they fall back. Which, business wise, is a good choice. But I don’t expect someone with no business experience to understand anything about that world, you “ignorant child,” as you like to say. And going off of screen caps? We have video now dude, nobody goes solely off of screen caps ya dang dingus.

                    1. Are you serious competing pushes people to improve them selves right so wouldn’t it be the same or similar for the gaming companies to have the best on the market and sell more etc etc etc like doing what Sony is doing and no the wii u has not outsold the xbone and their profit line means nothing to me and of course Nintendo always wins in the handheld market because of guess what the 1st party games everyone knows they will come out with and surprisingly Nintendo know how to advertise their handheld but not their home console and Nintendo need go improve period that is the point of the post stop lagging behind and get with the times countless fans and non fans of Nintendo has said this countless times I don’t think it will hurt them if they have a console at ps4 level or above and I don’t need business experience to see the results at hand in the gaming industry the ps4 and 3ds are winning for several reasons and gor thr ps4 it is power etv rtc and for the 3ds it is games and read the post again you ignorant kid I do not go off of screen caps I go off of game play to see what games I will buy and keep being stupid for all I care

        5. Should have just made it a n3DS exclusive. I feel bad for anyone that gets this game on the o3DS. But like has been said before, this game never should have gotten an expansion game on the 3DS to begin with. They could have revived some interest in Hyrule Warriors for Wii U by making the stuff in Legends as a 20-30 dollar expansion DLC.

          But this isn’t entirely on Nintendo, either. Keoi Tecmo does deserve some of the blame since this isn’t the first time they took a game on another system & gave an expansion game to a different system. *points right at Toukiden: Kiwami for PS3/PS4 which was an expansion game of Toukiden: Age of Demons for the PSV* Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Sony & Nintendo bullied Keoi Tecmo into making these expansion games for their more successful systems (PSV to PS3/PS4, Wii U to 3DS.) Not that it matters, either way, since the damage is already done.

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        7. Unless Nintendo is courteous enough to release the five characters as paid DLC for the Wii U, I’ll be buying the game for that reason alone.

          Because I DON’T own a new 3DS, and do not wish to buy one for a game I already own on the Wii U. I also hear not everything transfers over from the old 3DS.

          They might as well have made it a whole new game, instead of an updated version tht alienates people who spent hours in a grind-a-thon of a game, only to realize that their version is inferior, and they have to replay the old story all over again before accessing the newer exclusive content. That’s EA cruel. I just want my extra 5 characters.

        8. I think that they should have honored the original buyers of the Wii U version by offering free or discounted DLC of the new characters and content from the 3DS version, to the Wii U version. For instance, doing something similar to Sm4sh where if you have both version of the game, you can purchase the DLC as a discounted bundle for both versions.

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