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Video: Miitomo English Launch Trailer

Miitomo launched yesterday in Japan and as I’m sure many of you are aware it’s all in English. All you need to do is change your App Store location and you can download the title. If you would rather wait until the official western release which is coming this month then you can check out this trailer emphasising what the application can do and how you can share things with your friends. You should also be made aware that there’s now a Nintendo Mobile channel on YouTube that you can subscribe to.

18 thoughts on “Video: Miitomo English Launch Trailer”

  1. not really sure about this. could find its audience, could end up completely ignored. in any case, it’s not really something that makes me think ‘whoa! the next big thing’ and that’s what Nintendo could really use right now, especially if they don’t wanna embarass themselves on that long time ignored market.

  2. has anyone got this yet? i want to get it but i want to make sure i can link it to My Nintendo, and i don’t want to screw things up because it’s not technically available in America yet

    1. It is best to wait. There is some people who have downloaded it but you can’t go to mynintendo unless it is your country.

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    1. Could be no worse than the wannabe Snoopy voices they had in Mario Kart 8 or even the creepy Mickey Mouse Mario Kart Wii voices.

  5. Wonder if we will ever get this in Norway. My Nintendo as well. We had to just sit and watch Club Nintendo just pass by us with their fingers planted in our face every single time we got those red coupons…

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