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Destructoid: Is This A Leaked Photo Of The NX Controller?


With the Nintendo NX rumoured to be coming this year there’s bound to be plenty of speculation and leaks until the reveal which is expected at E3 in June. Online gaming publication Destructoid has analysed an image purporting to be the NX controller which was originally provided by Dual Pixels. Destructoid have ran the image through a program often used to tell if an image has been Photoshopped and the publication doesn’t believe it has been significantly altered. The controller matches a patent that was filed a while back, but we won’t know for sure about its legitimatcy until the official reveal.



149 thoughts on “Destructoid: Is This A Leaked Photo Of The NX Controller?”

    1. Anubis, God of Death

      While everyone is complaining about the controller itself, I’m just sitting here thinking that cord better not be the charger. It’s 2016…what the fuck do I look like plugging in a N64 cartridge to charge a frisby?!

      1. That reminds me, the Wii U Gamepad didn’t even use a regular USB cable to charge. You had to plug it up in an outlet. Looool.

          1. Those cables don’t even cost that much. Nintendo cheaped out on one of the lowest costing things included with the system. It makes no sense.

            1. What the hell? This is the NX controller? I seen it leaked of the blue prints on youtube before and there was nothing about the real deal. How? How will I use this? Dam man…they better make something good happen, all I can say.

                1. “ITS JUST A PRANK BRUH!”

                  Lol… If it is real, then I hope that screen is merely for second screen use because hand positioning would cover half the screen and would possibly press buttons.
                  … Speaking of buttons, where are they? I see a “B”, but that looks so random… Are they touch sense buttons? Oh no, that would be a disaster, no one wants to play real games with fake buttons. And whats with the shape? Why would you want anything to display on a circular screen?

                  I highly doubt that this is what developers were hyped about, especially if this “WiiU GamePad micro” was the controller again. The WiiU GamePad was the one of the many reasons we didnt see much 3rd Party support.

                  1. Yah, I seen the touchons (touch buttons), I also seen that there are 2 arrows on both edges of the screen and a weird dot above the joy stick. But like I said in my other comment, this is likely a fake and not what devs were hyped about.

                2. You want a normal controller? Of course not. Nobody does. That’s silly. We should all get- *whispers* innovation.

      2. I don’t think you’ll have to gag yourself because that trainwreck going on, on the controller will make you throw up by trying to look at the jumbles mess its trying to cram down you throat XD

      1. It could be just a prototype though. They could be redesigning the controller to make it more comfortable as we speak if this it is a true leak

      1. Too, people forget that a patent drawing exists purely to highlight the feature being patented (in this case a touch surface).

        1. it’s very odd. if you focus on the area to right of the right stick you can also see an arrow pointing right. There’s something above that same stick.

    2. Definitely a shop. Someone knew the hizzy everyone got in about the touch-surface patent, and they decided to produce this “photo” of the exact same model to get those people up in arms again. Really, this has shop written all over it.

      Also, the lighting seems to be a bit too off for it to be real.

      1. An additional detail sticks out to me like a sore thumb: “You will say wow.”

        This was a statement Iwata made in 2005 about the Wii’s graphics, commonly used jokingly following the console’s release. Such a piece of paper would only be in the shot of it was someone was purposely trying to cause a panic, and given the limited availability of dev kits I doubt a company with this device would purposely try to sabotage the system’s sales when they’re developing software for it.

        Long story short: This is the work of a troll on NeoGaf. Recognize this picture as a fabrication and go about your business.

        1. One other little detail to ponder: Isn’t it suspiciously convenient that this just happened to surface during GDC?

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    4. What the hell is going on, on the screen it looks like some kind of futuristic drug deal gone wrong.

      Just please NO. Nintendo I think you’ve maxed out on the making new ways to play your games. You want to reinvent the controller or the hardware…? Come ooon.

    5. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

      Obviously a fucking fake. If your going to fucking leak something than leak the damn blank shit too. That makes it more unbelievable

          1. Every kid believes in imaginary things, they don’t even need someone to try and sell it to them. If you claim you never have you’re either a liar or have forgotten about it.

            1. Then again, some people do lack imagination & children aren’t always exempt from this. It does in fact happen. Probably more than we realize. So maybe this guy just lacked an imagination growing up.

      1. I used to believe in the Tooth Fairy. Until one time I didn’t tell my mom about pulling my tooth out and received no cash when I woke up. Same way one time I woke up and found no presents under the Christmas tree. Dirty lies. Lol.

            1. After what happened to Paris? I rather die for my country than just be another Isis pan in their shitty hands. I’m going to work for Anonymous and fight terrorists one PC at a time. They won’t get away with this shit. Rumors or not? They will not commit another attack like Paris. If they start killing people in London? There will be hell to pay!

    6. But I just want a regular controller with buttons :(

      Good luck getting game ports from a controller like that Big N… Wii U 2.0

      1. I was thinking the same thing…
        Set aside design, how are we supposed to play our WiiU games on that?… D;

        1. I assume the touch controls modify per title and can be customizable to fit the Gamepad setup. But I expect the gamepad to be compatible with the NX either way.

    7. Fake or not, it makes sense for me. It’s in accordance with all patents and technologies that Nintendo made all this time. The malleable screen, the “look” of an evolution of second screen. It’s a mashup between consoles and smartphones, with analogs and positionable buttons.

      Like it very much! Amazing!


    8. I don’t want the NX controller to be big and bulky in any way (like the Wii U Gamepad, which I STILL don’t like). I want the controller to be more like the Pro Controller. Which in my opinion is Nintendo’s best controller EVER! I don’t want no stupid screen on my controller. Which causes a person to constantly have to look up and down. That’s what I hate about the Gamepad.

      1. I don’t even like normal controllers anymore. I wish Sony and Microsoft would make controllers with a screen on them. I look up and down with so much ease it’s like the gamepad is a part of the TV to me.

        1. Yeah, I actually love not having my main screen littered with Maps and such. It’s great to enjoy a game’s design and beauty with a minimal hub thanks to the gamepad.

          1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

            -||Agreed, I can’t stand all that nonsense while the action takes place, it’s like having an Xbot corpse on my cybernetic face while I’m destroying the rest of its pathetic species||-

    9. I’d like to hope it’s a shop, but it’s can be hard to judge it’s legitimacy when you think it’s garbage and wish it into the void of fakeness

    10. Even if this is real, the person doing this should get sued. All they doinf is leaking information to competitors like Sony and Microsoft so they can prepare better with PS5 and Xbox 2. Nintendo shuld find the leak and plug it. All sony is going to do is copy and make it more powerful. Then it will be Wii U all over again.

      1. Xbox and ps aren’t making new systems for a while. They would still have years before their new systems when the Nintendo “wow” comes out

    11. I really can’t say if I think this is legit or not. If it’s real, it looks like a rough prototype. The Oval screen really does seem like a very Nintendo thing to do. Intriguing ant attention grabbing … but damn near impossible for anyone but Nintendo themselves to make anything worthwhile for.

      On the other hand, it really wouldn’t be that hard to fake, and this really doesn’t look like a playable design. No physical face buttons = Hell No.

      … I’d probably buy one anyway (after a price drop) if the exclusive games looked good, but … really?

    12. If this was real, why would it not have the grips that are present in the illustration in the patent? I don’t think it’s Photoshopped, it’s either 3D printed or made from parts of other things. I also don’t understand what the benefit of the little bit of screen to the around the buttons can really be used for that justifies the additional effort of making a screen with holes in it.

      1. Patent is based on function, not aesthetics.
        The bit of screen on the outside allows for customizable on screen touch buttons.
        I do think the sticks move.

          1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to. The patent was on touch/display control.
            OP I think was saying the sticks were stationary as far as I understood.

            1. I understand the touch features from the patents. I didn’t ask that properly. Where is the patent for those analogue stick is what I was trying to ask? They just doesn’t look useful.

    13. “Remember when it was all buttons… Well fuck that shit… here’s a weird and UNIQUE way of playing our games…”
      – Nintendo 2016

    14. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      -||Only a total imbecole would ever make 2 joysticks sticking up in the middle of a screen where things happen||-

    15. As long as this controller is sold separately and a REGULAR controller (ie. Wii U pro controller) is included with the console i’m fine with this

    16. I’m not a religious man, but please God, no! Enough with the gimmicks. Please just release a traditional console with a traditional controller. I always always ALWAYS reach for the Pro Controller if it’s an option. I play all my Wii games on Dolphin because I can map all the controls to my Xbox controller (and play in beautiful HD, of course). This madness has to stop. My God, Nintendo, you have gotten so out of touch. You are not going to save yourself through hardware. The Wii wasn’t a success because of your weird ass controller. That played a part, to be sure, but the Wii succeeded because of your pitch perfect marketing strategy, something you utterly forgot to do with the Wii U. Now your hardware is so fucking weird that it looks like something that fell from outer space, and people are just going to breathe out a collective “WTF!?”. Innovation for innovation’s sake is not enough; you have to innovate in ways that people find innovative and compelling, and then you have to BOTHER TO SELL THEM ON THE IDEA. A few commercials with mom and dad playing Mario Kart with the kids isn’t enough. What happened to being cool? Where’s your edge? Geezus, Nintendo!

      People will probably think I need to relax, but I know that even if this is a fake, I just know they have some stupid-ass product in mind. I love my Wii U (it’s a better gamer’s console than the Wii was), but I love it despite Nintendo’s numerous fuckups over the past decade. I thought this new president would change things up a little, but it looks like he’s going to stay the course. Nintendo needs to stop being so afraid to stand up to the big boys (Sony and Micro$hit). The blue water strategy isn’t a thing anymore. There is no safe space for them in the current ecosystem. They need to compete to stay alive and stop fucking around. Sorry for the rant, everyone who bothered to read. In the end, Nintendo just needs to stop focusing on gimmicky hardware and start focusing on aggressively rebranding itself. That’s what it’s going to take.

      1. {{Nintendo Tri-Force Hero Kokiri Kid adventurer}}

        It’s like you took the words right out of so many fans mouths.
        That is exactly how I feel.

        1. Nintendo always says that. They say it so that consumers don’t lose confidence in the current hardware before the upcoming hardware is released. It’s true from a point of view, to be sure. Nintendo won’t “officially” drop support for the Wii U until a while into the NX’s lifecycle. The NES still had licensed games coming out for it years after the SNES released. For example, the SNES came out in 1991, but Wario’s Woods for the NES came out in 1994. Kirby’s Dream Land 3 for SNES came out after the N64. However, in realistic terms, I wouldn’t expect to see any 1st party, AAA titles coming out for the Wii U after the launch of the NX (with the possible exception of Zelda U, depending on how they do that).

    17. Something about this is just telling me someone saw the concept blueprints and decided “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if I made this EXACTLY like the controller blueprint I saw online and then show everyone for shits and giggles?”. I can’t really say I have proof, but this doesn’t look anything like how a next-gen prototype controller made by Nintendo would look.

        1. Yes I know it’s not that easy (I could never make it in a hundred years) but I’m just saying that there are several custom made controllers all over the world and it wouldn’t be that hard for somebody to make an imitation of the NX patent

      1. As bulky as that is, it actually looks rather nice. It’s like a mini arcade system that plays different kinds of games.

        1. I’d actually buy that, too. But this thing we see in the article, hell no! Sadly, this is Ninteno we’re talking about here. I wouldn’t put it past them to actually make that stupid looking thing just so they can be “innovative” again.

    18. …………………… Fake or not, please God no! I’ll let Steve Carell express my thoughts best.

      1. “You will say wow.” You are right about that. Wow. Wow as in “what the fuck were they thinking!?” And believe me. That’s not the good kind of wow.

    19. It’s a fake guys relax. No way will Nintendo make a controller that clunky and uncomfortable looking. Hell even the gamepad has a nice fit for it’s size. Until further FACTUAL notice it’s a bullshit rumor

        1. The gamepad isn’t uncomfortable nor is it as big as this clunky ass controller. Nintendo will never let their products get leaked in that way. Just because Sony is incapable of keeping their stuff leaked doesn’t mean Nintendo is

          1. I never said anything about the controller being comfortable. I’m talking about how the Gamepad came as a complete surprise with the Wii U. Who would have thought they’d have gone from Wii Remotes to that? Nobody knows what Nint does anymore because they’ve become unpredictable with this kind of stuff. Also, I never said anything about Sony. So I don’t see your point there.

      1. I don’t think it’s the final product, but I think it’s nearing something we might see when the NX releases.

      1. Or the people here know this is Nintendo we’re talking about here so we shouldn’t put it past them to make something like this just so they can scream “INNOVATION!!!” again.

    20. This is either a fake someone made based on the patent diagram or Nintendo made an example model of it and it got leaked. Either way, I’m absolutely sure this won’t be the final product.

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