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SXSW: Splatoon Wins “Most Promising New Intellectual Property” Award

Nintendo should be rejoicing today as one of their latest new IPs has won at the SXSW Gaming Awards. Splatoon picked up the award for Most Promising New Intellectual Property during the awards ceremony that was presented on Twitch. It seems Nintendo has picked up a number of awards during recent times thanks to both the brilliant Super Mario Maker and the super-colourful Splatoon. Here’s to many more!

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10 thoughts on “SXSW: Splatoon Wins “Most Promising New Intellectual Property” Award”

  1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||Hopefully High Command learns that new ideas implemented to new IPs is better than to ruin Metroid||-

    1. Doubtful since they are still going with Federation Force. :/ Just like the WWE is still going forward with Triple H VS Roman Reigns for the WWEWHC at the main event of Wrestlemania 32 when it should have been at the Royal Rumble as they kept Roman looking strong & “I’m gonna bury you to get what I want!” instead of turning him into Cena 2.0 again. Oh, sorry. I forgot you don’t really know much of WWE.

      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||Yes but once they see the utter failure of that garbage they’ll rethink||-

        -||But these annoying civilians are just disturbing the order||-

      2. Bah, don’t remind me of the times they would milk the fuck out of Cena. It was bad enough the overrated bastard became a meme.

  2. Well, the game’s a smash hit, the characters have plushies, keychains, bumper stickers, now GOO-SHOOTING things…

    It would be foolish NOT to squeeze as much ink out of Splatoon as they can.

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