Capcom Survey Asks Whether You Would Like Mega Man 11

Capcom has seen success with the recently released Mega Man Legacy Collection on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS and have decided to quiz consumers whether or not they would like to play a new entry in the Mega Man series such as Mega Man 11. The third set of questions asks fans if they would like future collections of Mega Man games and what games they would like to see (X, Zero, Legends, Battle Network, ZX, Star Force) The survey itself is all in Japanese but you can get through it via Google Translate.

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    1. -||Indeed, at least the Empire listens to us about 45-50% of the time while the rest is the total opposite||-

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      1. -||Most don’t see it because they gives these things a bit later than they should have and because of the amount of negative decisions they make with core weaponry||-

        -||Federation Force being the worst of them by far||-


        -||It corrupts my system||-


      1. Of course, have a hardhead as the leader, get bullshit later. They are just now realizing that smash helped the blue bomber get rereconized and released another collection series and now they realize that he’s “NOT DEAD”. stupid jerks…I hope the main creator and inafune sees this and smiles.

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      2. LOL MN9 is in a more bad situation than Capcom is right now! XD

        Don’t be a concept fanboy right now! lol


      3. Fucking computer, as I was going to say “I’m not”, I don’t even own the game yet, and that looks like it was written by a hater. I never believe in those. Mainly is because they are bullshit. However I’ll be my own judge, I never go by what critics have to say and that includes reviews. But that aside, I don’t care what you show me, its not the point, the point was and I’ll say it again, “I hope creator of mega man and inafune will smile at this”. That’s the point, not a game, no fonboyisum involed, no nothing.


  1. Aaaaaaaand Crapcom is back to their mediocre selves again. As if Street Fighter V’s rushed release weren’t any indication.


  2. I’d love a Mega Man 11. But….ON A PHYSICAL DISC! I don’t do downloads. I’m STILL wishing that Mega Man 9 and 10 would release on physical discs. I want a Mega Man collection for Wii U that contains all 10 Mega Man games on one disc. Yes, ALL 10!

    And speaking of Mega Man, why haven’t I seen the Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition in ANY stores? All I ever see is just the game itself. Why am I not finding the bundle set anywhere?

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  3. How about Mega Man 11 as a 3D mainline game for once (like Super Mario 64, Sonic Adventure, and Pac-Man World).

    -There will still be eight choosable stages, each with a robot master and obtainable ability at the end.
    -Unlike Mega Man Legends/Mega Man 64, the gameplay mechanics will be similar to the Tails/Eggman/Gamma shooting stages from the Sonic Adventure games, and the Ratchet & Clank games.
    -This game would be co-developed by Nintendo (people who KNOW 3D platformers).

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      1. I liked StarForce /and/ BattleNetwork. Wouldn’t mind a sequel of either to be honest. In fact I’d prefer it.

        Another sequel to “classic” Megaman however just irks me. It’s cashing in on gamers who played the games on older consoles and the rise of “modern 8-bit” games.

        I’ve long stated Capcom doesn’t give a single care about Megaman anymore beyond the over-milked classic IP, but this is surprising; The possibility that a company is just /that/ oblivious to it’s fans desires for that long? Wow.


      2. Who says classic Mega Man has to remain in 8-bit. We only call him Classic Mega Man, because X stole the 16-bit era, Volnutt pioneered (barely) the 3D world, and Mega Man.exe went digital/RPG, follow by Star Force. If Sakurai can give Mega Man an up to date 3D render (contary to 8-bit spriters and Inafune’s old art style), “Classic” Mega Man can be Modern Mega Man, alongside Modern Sonic, Modern Mario, and SSB/Pac-Man World (before Pac-Man Party became a thing).


      3. I don’t think classic megaman has to remain 8 bit. But I don’t like it period. I’ve always been a bigger fan of their RPG efforts (It’s what got me into the series), and their abrupt abandonment of it is irksome


  4. …. Seriously asking this? What? Was people initially happy &excited about Mighty No. 9 NOT an indication that people wanted a new Mega Man game, Capcom!? This is like asking would we want the next Resident Evil to be more like the original game. lol


    1. Better yet, this would be like Nintendo asking us if we want a true Metroid Prime on the Wii U or a true Metroid altogether! Do you morons not see all the hate CM:FsF, aka Chibi Metroid: Federation shitForce is getting & how much hate Other M got!? Of course we want a true game in the franchise! How dense are you people!? D:< *huff, huff* Okay, I'm done now. xP


      1. “Go to hell!” Really? Wishing someone to go to Hell over not liking a video game? Fanboy alert, fanboy alert!


  5. I want a mega man 11, but not in 8 bit graphics. That’s was cool with mega man 10, but now we need to see a reboot to the franchise.

    Imagine Mega Man 11 with up to date graphics. You could still have the classic gameplay, (pick stages, fight a boss, get an ability) and even remain a side scroller. I just want to see it with Street Fighter Five quality graphics…

    I mean why not? You know that game would sale… Just make it already. Nobody is gonna get hyped for Mega Man 11 if it’s just another 8 bit remake…


  6. Capcom please Leave Mega man Alone, Becus you done enough damaged too a mega man fans,you always Hurt us Feeling Becus of mega man and You said “the fans of mega man do not want mega man” or you dot have enough money,Please Capcom Let it mega man Rest in peace,becus mega man is dead already


    1. So denoucing characters as dead, DMC fanboy!

      For every long running character branded as “dead”, we would have less IPs. Why not kill off Mario while we’re at it, or those Inklings, that fetus Isaac, and that generic guy from that one gritty shooting game for the Xbox One and PS4. Because they’re not going to give us a 20-year lore or legacy.


  7. Crapcom… this is your one last chance… Yes we all want Megaman! Megaman Classic, Megaman X Megaman Zero, Legends, and any other Megaman series I’m forgetting WE WANT THEM!

    So give us Megaman, AND DON’T FUCK THIS UP!


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