Japan: A Splat Roller-Based Splatoon Lint Remover Is Coming

The latest Splatoon merchandise that is coming to Japan will serve an ironic cause. A game based on making an ink-covered mess contributes to a product that will remove lint. A real lint remover, based on the game’s Splat Roller, will arrive in Japan in July.

This isn’t the first real-world Splatoon product to be announced. You may recall the Splattershot water gun that will be releasing this summer. It’s possible that we may see more products like these announced in the future. If there is, we’ll let you know.

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  1. So when is the rest of us getting this? I’d gladly buy that. We got cats & dogs so it will come in handy. Sure there are other lint removers I could buy but this one looks like it’d make removing lint fun! :D

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