Game Informer Editor Says Leaked NX Photos Match What He Has Heard

You’ve probably seen the latest rumoured images of the Nintendo NX controller and the internet has gone wild. You’re either on Team Fake or Team Real. However, Game Informer editor Andy McNamara says that he has heard that the NX won’t feature face button so the leaked picture matches what he has heard. Let the speculation continue!


  1. We’ve all seen the patent…this guy is nothing special. I could say the same thing on Twitter. Everyone’s damn grandma could say the same thing.

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      1. Because I’m me…I know my shit. I’m not a moron. I’m almost never wring when it comes to the gaming industry. Hell I am developer. Even though I don’t have an NX Dev kit It’s easy enough to tell. Finalized products never look like the patent. This is the same thing that was confirmed fake the other day just without the shitty photoshopped picture of that UE4 tech demo. And a different cord. Which that cord looks like it’s a headphone cord lol. Until , Nintendo reveals the NX at E3 it’s all phony BS.

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    1. I’m sorry, is this an official announcement? No.

      I’m sorry, do you actually KNOW what that controller does? No.

      I’m sorry, do you actually know whether or not that’s even the controller to the NX or a separate sold system that will connect to the NX? No.

      So shut up until we actually get an announcement.

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      1. My thoughts exactly. There’s no reason to freak out over a “leaked” controller picture. Until Nintendo decides to share information about their upcoming console everyone should chill out and wait.

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    1. True… I mean, look at the people who make custom consoles and mods. A lot of them just do it as a hobby, and make their work look 10x better than this “leak”. For someone with that kind of skill set, making this would be fairly simple.

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      1. If you look closely, you can see that the analog sticks on the screen are static. They forgot the handles too, the patent shows them. Poorly maked.


  2. even for a prototype this looks stupid. i dont think nintendo would ever begin a build concept with some that looks so uncomfortable to hold. even the n64 controller,with its bulky mass, had contour shape. if this is legit its definitely only a partial design. (at least i hope)

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      1. New console should always mean a new controller. If you stay stagnant on 1 controller you go the way of Atari. Who believed controls should always be 1 button and 1 stick. If you don’t get a new controller with a new system your only buying half a new product. Otherwise your just getting an upgraded console from last gen not a new console. Gimmicks are a good thing. They can end up bad but it’s good to try new things.


      2. The Playstation has done pretty well for itself using just one controller design. In fact I think having a standard controller that gets slight improvements every generation is the best way to go. That’s exactly why the PS4 controller is the best controller on the market.

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    1. Even though it’s fake to be fair it could be like the New 3DS where you just scan an amiibo on the screen…lol


      1. Right, that is what I’m thinking…the new 3ds did this, you don’t need a little paint mark for you to use it. I wondered what it was for a loooong time until amiibo came out and I thought, “Oh, its a skylanders thingy for nintendo products. They are going the plastic comes to life thing”.


  3. Hey Sickr, this isn’t related. But there is a major annoying bug on the main page of the site that causes the page to break and need to be reloaded when it tries to load past articles from scrolling down. It’s really gotten old.

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    1. Twice? The gamepad was FINE. The problem was the marketing. Everyone thought it was a tablet for the OLD Wii. For 3 years people still came into stores asking where the “new” Nintendo console was “not the tablet”.

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      1. Yup, twice in a row. The gamepad is bulky and forces you to unnaturally share your attention between 2 screens to play a damn video game.

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      2. I don’t thing that was the problem much, to me it was more of the market and name. I got attached to it day one. I am worried though if this is real. I’ll still get it reguardless like I did with xbox 360 and playstation 4, shitted on them too for no games as well, but I just don’t know. I’m having a major hunch this is real considering the blueprints leaked waaaaay longer than we got the actual picture of the nx controller.


      1. Wii was fine. Wii U has been a letdown so far, and probably won’t have its status changed in the future. I mean, it’ll be a cult and praised hardware in few years by some gaming jornalists and prople who wear nostalgia googles. But business and technically wise, it has been a horrid error.

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    1. Until I get it in my hands, even if this is it, I won’t know for sure. I have not been let down by the actual playability of the hardware (Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, whatever) so I can’t fault anything yet. They try it out a bunch before it goes to market (obviously) so it isn’t going to be completely unplayable

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      1. well I’m with you on the “could be real” part…and “I might like it but I don’t like the design” part too. I’m still wondering if this is real, how the hell am I to play on it…there are already rumors about its spects and shit…I just hope they don’t flop again so it better be dam well worth the purchase for many fans this time. I will still buy it because thats what I am, a gamer, I buy other consoles too…but they better fix the problems they have with other fans and their stupidity of “Y U NO KEEP ONLY SAID GAMES” or “ONLY NINTENDO GAMES FOR ME, THE REST IS GARBAGE”, Oh my bad, I meant fanboys/fangirls and not the good ones either. What am I thinking, they will never go for that. I meant the real fans that buy the system only and nothing else but expect more games from others like (I know I’m gonna get ranted for this) EA, Ubisoft, capcom, and many others. Also, if they are in it this time, they better stick to it or they all including ones that do stay like capcom did, will lose all respect from me and I hope many others who agree. Tatsumi, you done well once you got in, now show me you are right for the job. Make me want this system more than the previous nintendo systems. Show me that you want fans back, and I’ll keep my promise to keep buying. I hear this is your last chance nintendo, DON’T FUCK UP!


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