Nintendo Applies For Trademark On Mario’s Coin Sound

It looks like Nintendo has applied to trademark the well known sound of Mario collecting a coin. This sound is widely used by other parties aside from Nintendo and it looks like the company is now trying to take action in regards to it’s use.

The trademark has been applied for in Japan on the J-Plat Pat website, and you can see a screen capture below:


It will be interesting to see whether or not the trademark will be accepted, and what action Nintendo will take to pursue those using the sound if this is the case.

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      1. Actually that is called a “melodic Perfect Fourth” in music and it is extremely commonplace. I think Nintendo will have a difficult time getting this secured – I believe musicologists think that man first got the perfect fourth from birdsong. You know what they say: “You can’t sue birds.”


      2. They would probably have better luck if they included the original synthesizer model and parameters they used on the first title incorporating that sound.


  1. I’d Nintendo starts doing this to sell official Nintentunes for our iOS/Android phones this will be awesome! Imagine ballad of the wind fish ringtone? I mean I have it already on my iPhone but it’d be cool to get an official one. Legit

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