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Nintendo Has Denied The Nikkei Report Claiming That Wii U Production Is Shutting Down

Nintendo has denied the Nikkei report claiming that production of the Wii U console is shutting down. The report came out Tuesday, claiming that Nintendo will discontinue Wii U production by the end of this year. However, Nintendo has says that the report “didn’t come from us” and stated that they “plan to continue Wii U production during the next fiscal year and beyond”.


51 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Denied The Nikkei Report Claiming That Wii U Production Is Shutting Down”

    1. Any rumor is that “rumor” however this means nothing considering the fact that many people in the west are bitching saying the Wii-U is dead Nintendo can still say at the last minute they are ceasing support for publishing games for the Wii-U outside Japan or even what little 3rd party support they had will stop supporting the wii-U in the west due to the fact not many own one still similar to Star Ocean 5 with Japan and the ps3 where the west isn’t getting it for ps3 only ps4 nothing is set in stone and articles are useless until NX is indeed finally out.

    1. The last time this got reported on was the Wii. As it turned out, Nintendo stopped production of the Wii (in Japan only at the time) within a month of the report. What im saying is, that we cant trust Nintendo when it comes to things like this. Not because they’re shady or anything, but because they need to keep pushing these consoles out. They arent going to kill this thing off without maximizing their profits.

      Also keep in mind, EVERY TIME a rumor surfaces that isnt true, Nintendo ALWAYS repeats the same statement. “we do not comment on rumors.”

      1. Exactly. Nintendo (or any other console manufacturer for that matter) is not gonna come out and say that they will kill production on their current system because they know have people who are probably interested in getting that particular system and they know they have dedicated fans of that particular system who probably can’t afford another gaming system or just don’t want to upgrade for some reason. It will be a public relations disaster if they were to ever do that because a lot of consumers will probably feel that they have no need to purchase a Wii U with a more powerful console on the horizon. Like you said, Nintendo wants to make as much money off the Wii U as they possibly can so they will try to save face by going with the ” it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon ” approach to get more sales which of course is a very common strategy shared by a lot of product manufacturers so I for one can’t blame them at all

      2. Don’t forget, both Sony and Microsoft swore they weren’t planning on releasing a new console, then about 6 months later, announced they were going to release their new consoles in the following year. These denials might not be as binding as they’re made to sound.

  1. I wonder if they’ll still announce that the Wii U will stop production by the end of the year. Nintendo loves to “kind of” lie: because they say “we don’t PLAN to”, which could go either way.

    And there’s some past proof of this too… *COUGH* 3DS XL.

  2. Well it was fun while it lasted, eh guys?

    Still, the Wii U is clearly in its final throes- outside of Star Fox and Zelda U, I can’t think of any other heavy-hitters coming out for the thing.

    1. Little Devil Inside is one to keep an eye on. It’s slated to be released on Wii U, but the KickStarter page hasn’t given a date yet. It looks like Wind Waker on crack. :D

      1. I wouldn’t have put it THAT way, but you’re not far off- the style is similar, almost papercraft-like, too. I’ll keep my eye on it.

        I might have backed it too if the option was still there. (I gotta stop doing these- otherwise I won’t have any funds for my own projects!)

      1. SMT x FE is called Tokyo Mirage Session #FE…
        I know what the game is about, but the name made me to order in mail, not picking up that one with a straight face.

  3. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

    Might as well. It’s a piece of shit of a console. That didn’t even fucking deliver the promises that were made. Every game on wii u wasn’t even up to fucking standards. Sure super Mario 3d land was graphically impressive but that shit wasn’t even fun.

    1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

      You mean 3D World? It may just be the fact that it’s the first HD 3D Mario game that makes it look impressive. And I’m gonna have to disagree there about it not being fun. It was pretty great. But an actual new 3D Mario game would have been better.

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  5. To the ponies and rare breed bots believe it’s the end of Nintendo and Wii U, I deliver this brief message–

  6. Fucking told you so. I swear ever since Iwata mentioned “NX” it’s been nothing but RUMOR CITY. Everyone needs to seriously quit believing ANYTHING that doesn’t come from Nintendo.

  7. The key word being “plan.” This can change into the prior reported scenario, and given that the newer platform tends to kill the older one by its mere existence the Wii U will almost certainly be taken out to pasture much earlier than Nintendo is “planning.”

  8. well thats disappointing i was a little afraid that will happen i think nintendo is giving up on the Wii U after 2016 ends yeah theres no point on buying a Wii U game.

        1. You made it sound like there’s no point in buying any title from 2016. I guess you meant AFTER 2016. Either way there’s nothing in the pipeline.

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  10. Honestly, the rumor could still be true. They’ve been denying every NX rumor until now like “The NX toootally won’t replace the Wii U” or “Zelda Wii U is tooootally not coming to NX ;)” but everything else is pointing against that.
    To me it just looks like another protection promise. Or the rumor could be actually fake, who knows.

  11. Okay, so this article is wrong. The report said they plan to manufacture “into the next quarter and beyond,” not the next fiscal year. It sounds like they’re just spinning that end-of-the-year plan into that quote so as to keep the Wii U selling for a time.

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  13. Key words: plan to. Plans change. And Nintendo is all about changing their plans. Or does Nintendo actually think we forgot about the “GBA won’t be replaced by the DS” lie? Just like WWE, expecting us to throw logic & past events out the window & pretend it’s never happened before til now. Patronizing way to view your fan & customer bases. Whatever. We’ll find out the cold hard truth when the NX releases & the Wii U is forgotten.

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