Rumour: New Images Of Nintendo NX Controller Appear

New images have appeared on Reddit that are supposed to be of the Nintendo NX controller. They follow the existing images we have seen so far which match the patent that Nintendo had previously issued. Here’s the details including the screen shots.

  • Only the upper ‘nubs’ of the sticks move. The bottom part is static (kind of like the circle pad, but it moves along the bottom ‘sphere’.
  • The rollers on the top feel and look pretty much identical to a mouse scroll-wheel. Though I do don’t believe this will be the final design.
  • Haptic feedback is feels like Apples ‘taptic’ engine. Not like regular rumble.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom

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    1. We all better hope it is fake. If the NX controller doesn’t have a traditional layout with traditional amount of real buttons they will lose all third party triple A titles. Tablet and phone games aren’t popular because of touch controls, they are popular because most are free and people who play them aren’t real gamers, they are casual or less. Face it, the wii was lucky to grab the casual market, but that market isn’t as lucrative as the hard core market which is what Nintendo needs to stay relevant. I hope Nintendo sees these comments and realize if this is real, they better go back to the drawing board fast. I have owned every Nintendo console and I am a fanboy of Nintendo, but I will not get an NX if this is its controller. Playing emulated games on a phone is unenjoyable with just a few touch screen buttons. Playing a Zelda or smash with this would be impossible.

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      1. Developers are not ignoring tablets and iOS/Android platforms because the touch screen. If a legitimate console arose and had touch controls like smart phones, they would start developing for them. The reason they don’t currently (except that a lot of Japanese companies do already) is because in the West the smartphone market isn’t seriously considered a gaming platform yet. But look at Square Enix; FF and other games full on mobile.

        Casual market isn’t as lucrative? The Wii was primarily picked up by casuals to begin with, if anything they are MORE lucrative. Seriously? Casual gamers are way less picky, way more open to trying new types of games, overall better gamers in a sense. As to where most of us now are so quick to judge.

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      2. I didn’t say casual market isn’t lucrative, just it isn’t nearly as lucrative as the hard core market. The only thing casual gamers do is by like 3 games a year and play them over and over like wii sports. Hard core gamers buy just about every triple A title that is released. I’m pretty sure hard core games are more lucrative. Feel free to do a search on units sold between casual games and hard core games for a year. If you think the casual sales are even 15% of hardcore game sales you will be seriously proven wrong. Especially when the amount of hardcore to casual games is probably 20 to 1.


      3. To start: “Face it, the wii was lucky to grab the casual market, but that market isn’t as lucrative”

        And also; if you take into account the amount of money generated by triple A titles to freemium mobile games, the mobile market is the one sitting higher up, so I don’t know where you’re drawing your numbers from. And is that 20:1 hardcore over casual? Because there are less major hardcore gamer-type games than casual games hands down, and to say otherwise is to just be ignorant to facts. Everyday, multiple games release to the app store/google play store, and I’m sorry, what were the last big game releases for serious gamers? SFV? Already like, 100 new mobile games since then. Those may not generate as much money in a single purchase, but overtime they out-generate any hardcore games.

        The hardcore gamers go for games that are a set price, usually with some DLC. Casual gamers? They get the games for free, but keep spending for much longer. Therefore; revenue. So, check your facts, and understand that as a hardcore gamer, you are outnumbered in this industry, as am I. – What hardcore games are generating 1/3 of a million dollars a day this long after a release?


      4. Hardcore games, by definition, are not going to be very mainstream. Now, back when the gaming industry itself was niche, when most of its games were hardcore, hardcore games could easily rise in the charts, but only w/ in that gaming climate (prolly 5th gen & prior). Of course, technology (particularly 3D) has also made games easier & thus more accessible to the mainstream market or “casual” consumer. & nowadays, w/ Western influence dominating, games are more straightforward & less abstract, adding another level of accessibility.
        The industry didn’t simply grow via better & more advertising, or via the inclusion of non-gaming hardware features, or via brand recognition outside gaming (like Sony & Microsoft). No, it was mostly that the games were designed to be more accessible, more mainstream themselves, & thus more “casual”. Certainly, there are varying degrees of niche, but the industry has taken console-gaming & PC-gaming into a more casual, less pure space. There are exceptions, but they tend not to be chart-toppers. The vast majority of consumers, even w/ in gaming, typically want their experiences to be as easy as possible, as broad as possible, & manufacturers/publishers/devs oblige them. How many long-standing franchises still have, say, environmental puzzles, or intentionally hampered &/or complex controls?

        Hardcore buyers will buy every AAA, & every console (albeit few exclusives might deter even them).
        Hardcore graphics whores will think every AAA is a hardcore game, yet it’s mostly the audiovisuals that are hardcore.
        Hardcore story enthusiasts might buy every AAA, yet it’s the story that was the more hardcore aspect.
        Hardcore franchise fans (fanboys) will buy every title in that franchise, whether it’s AAA, or AA, or indie, or mobile; whether it’s hardcore or casual.
        Hardcore brand loyalists (fanboys) will buy every console/platform made from a particular manufacturer.
        But hardcore gamers–those seeking gameplay, challenge, & maybe the abstract (can’t forget the Sim enthusiats who value rearl-world authenticity)—will likely stick mostly to a narrow selection of games, especially in the current climate. However, because the gameplay itself matters the most, hardcore gamers are not bound to any 1 brand.


  1. Looks like some people will do ANYTHING to get their 15 minutes of fame. Though, I don’t know why they need to go through these lengths in order to make a fake “prototype”. Also, I’m pretty sure that prototype/developer kit controllers usually have a sort of “unfinished” clean to it. This looks too clean, which makes me doubt the existence even more.

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  2. It looks like if Apple made Nintendo’s Gamepad it would’ve looked like this.


  3. Here are my two sense on this:

    Firstly, this actually looks pretty much the same to the last leaked image we’ve had but this time, it’s in black. This makes the leak all the more “promising” as this could be a legit prototype.

    Secondly, people yelling “Fake” only say that because they’re worried that this could be real (Still 50/50 on this though), but I wouldn’t worry seeing how this is most likely a prototype and NOT the final version.

    Is it confirmed? No.
    Is it fake? Possibly.
    Is it real? Possibly.

    We will soon see as time goes on.

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    1. Only fools who lack the brains and nerve to call it one way or any their say it might be real or fake. That’s not saying anything. I could say we’ll F-Zero U could be real and show you something I drew up lol. This is fake. Finalized products don’t look that identical to the patent.


      1. Look at dev kit photos of wii u and PS4 4, the controllers are hard wired and not wireless. This and the confidential property label leads me toward fake. Something on it she said nintendo. A sticker on the back or something to show that it was real.


      1. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed it. Nintendo has not reveal anything so everything is fake until Nintendo say or show otherwise.


  4. People said “FAKE” and accused it of not being real. Now people are saying “FAKE” while acknowledging it’s real.

    Like someone carved a stick until they got it good enough for show.

    A video showing this item with a boot sequence and running a tech demo would be met with criticism all the same. My question is why? This device is real and it’s doing everything possible to stand-out from the competition. The next Nintendo system can’t succeed following in the steps of Sony and Microsoft so you better hope people can identify that it’s “different” immediately. I say, job well done … but how are the games?

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  5. That’s the same thing as the last picture…just has the UE4 picture taken off and has a different cord plugged into it. ..


  6. I doubt this is anything but rumour. The NX controller will likely be innovative as that is what Nintendo are usually good at. Sadly I think the NX is too little too late for Nintendo.


  7. ahh..having the “confidential” sticker and the Wii U gamepad in the picture is a nice touch. Very fake. Nintendo would know who has these in the wild and this person would be in jail already if this was true. 100% fake.

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  8. My Guess is, If This is a Real NX Controller , Nintendo Would Most Likely Try to Take Down All Posts and All Images Of This on Websites and Videos of It on YouTube and If Its Fake, They Wont Care, Cuz They Wanna Surprise Everyone Wit the Real Controller!! I Know a YouTuber Called SuperMetalDave64, He Was Postin Videos Wit Info About the NX That He Got From Developers Who Are Makin Games For the System, Nintendo Actually Contacted Him and Told Him to Take Down His Videos, He Did and I Guess He Couldve Lost His YouTube Account If He Didnt Take the Videos Down!! I Hope Nintendo Unveils the NX Soon No Later Than E3 This June. I’m From Eastern Canada Here, I’m a Proud New 3DS XL and Wii U Owner!! Cant Wait For Zelda Wii U!!!


  9. Why do all these leaked pictures have an angle of where you can’t even see everything properly? If this was really real, then it wouldn’t be that hard to put it in a position where we can actually see it right. I’m not believing this until I see pics that look legit.

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  10. In the event that this turns out to be a real controller, here’s a hypothesis: The NX hardware has multiple tiers, including an Apple TV/Roku-style model. This would be the controller for that.

    Just throwing ideas out there, while we’re waiting anyway.

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  11. I just noticed something: The keyboard seems to be Swedish. If the photo is legitimate, then it’s possible that DICE or Ubisoft Massive are the ones who took it.

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  12. Eh. Doesn’t look too awful to me. I mean, sure i’d love an improved GCN controller(or anything more traditional) but this looks kind of sleek for a prototype and very in-line with what everyone has been saying about NX- including Nintendo. They keep saying it’s different and like nothing before it and like almost everything else Nintendo has done EVER, if this is real i’m sure you’d need to actually try it yourself to really understand/appreciate the appeal of it.

    Btw that “Confidential Property” sticker could have been put on by a company before letting employees get their hands on it. I don’t think a sticker makes something look real or fake. Plus people have been saying it looks like an Apple product mixed with a GBA or 2DS, and that it looks and has features so modern you’d question rather it was made by Nintendo… So maybe it’s real, and if so how do we know it’s a controller? What if it’s a handheld that can act as a controller for a forthcoming console? Either way everyone should just chill out until they get their hands on a finished product and judge it then. Here’s hoping whatever NX is it’s fun, future-proofed and ends up having great 3rd support.


  13. I’m really hoping the rumours regarding mouse wheel triggers turn out to be true. I’ve always liked the idea of them since those rumours started circulating. Imagine for example using them for speedy item selection in Zelda, or something like this.


  14. Ripped straight from a patent, which even prototypes deviate from. Just based on that, the controller in those pics is BS.

    Plus, w/ out true thumbsticks, there’s no way this is worthy of a home-console. Maybe a handheld, but 3D handheld-games suffer for lack of true Y-axis control; substituting (in this case possibly forcing) a gyroscopic Y-axis would also hinder gameplay (trying to view a moving screen for hectic gameplay). Depends on whether the actual NX controller has nubs that tilt or ones that simply slide; but the Wii U Gamepad’s prototype had circlepads, & I hope Nintendo continues to understand the reasons why they ended up chosing real sticks for the “finished” Gamepad. But if NX is a fusion & thus uses a streaming device for On-TV play (à la Chromecast), then it’d likely have only 1 controller-type (otherwise, a linkable handheld & the addition of a console controller would undermine the “Fusion” concept, & it’d just be Wii U in reverse). Not to mention the complications re graphics upgrading/throttling for 1 title (& mostly of multiplats also for non-Nintendo platforms); discouraging port deviations (genre variety, differences in aesthetics, etc.); & discouraging Off-TV or on-the-go play for games like ZombiU (dividing the market & thus discouraging feature implementations]; that’s if the “Fusion” concept is NX’s aim.

    Again, w/ out a true Y-axis, 3D NX games would suffer, & gamers interested in fuller experiences will look elsewhere. But w/ handhelds, it’s nigh impossible to provide a deep, 3D experience (while a deep control-scheme is possible, it’s the hardware portability (snagging sticks), the small screen, & on-the-go interruptions that make it impossible). & aside from gyroscopic controls, compensating for the Y-axis w/ computer corrections (hand-holding) is also less than ideal, both for gameplay & home-platform parity.

    I’m the gamer who inverts the Y-axis because the camera stick tilts back for an upward view (not down), & tilts forward for a downward view (not up); it acts like my head & neck, or a flight stick, or *gasp* a camera on a tripod. The camera stick is not a D-pad, instead it behaves in a 3D plane. Why is that so uncommon?
    I’m also the type of gamer who likes handheld-gaming, not so much because I can play on the go but because of its exclusives, which add variety into my overall library. Fusing the 2 would certainly lessen variety, & that’s in the current climate where publishers have already cut their catalogs & focus on only a handful of genres, & even those tend to be watered down. & there are 3 similar platforms (PC, PlayStation, & Xbox); I’d hate to see 1 or 2 additional platformers providing more of the same atmosphere (new ways to play won’t change the types of games or really break from 3rd-parties’ status quo). Nowadays, they can barely even handle this gen’s power hop (glitchy, dependent on DLC/microtransactions to profit, filler in the way of cutscenes since player inputs require more time & effort, multiplat & cultural parity, etc.). “Console-gaming? No, no: budget PC-gaming. We don’t even do actual PC-gaming anymore. This is a factory, not a commercial art studio. Go back to 6th gen, there you’ll find horrible concepts like quality, variety, & common sense. But ew: AA, cartoon aesthetics, rich single-player modes, polished releases, content-rich games, unlocks earned in-game w/ out paying us extra, real-world money?! Exclusives & several platforms w/ different subcultures?! Ambiance?! Environmental puzzles?!!! Good luck; w/ out a glut of guns & FPS, movies, non-game releated apps, raw superpower, & a bloated UI, you’ll give up soon. It’s true: our shareholders & analysts say so. Gaming, shmaming. Now, graphics & interactive movies, well, that’s the ultimate consumer product.”

    I’ve digressed… Oh yes, the impossibility that those pics represent NX’s actual controller.

    A controller w/ out tactile, physical face-buttons? I’m out. Re mobile “games”, that’s my main turnoff; plus they’re cheap, shallow, & lack optimization. Obviously, games work best on dedicated devices & w/ physical buttons. Those that truly care about games (as a hobby/ obsession, not something to replace thumb-twiddling) feel cheated by the mobile experience, unless the games are simple, like chess & Sudoko. What “works” there will likely suffer here (e.g. budget PC-gaming has already been regurgitated back onto PC & practically killed actual PC-gaming). Adding nubs & shoulder wheels would not be enough, even if the touchscreen offers customized configurations & direct, in-game input. & then there are touchscreen-only games where the finger interferes w/ line-of-sight…

    Rant over…for now…


    1. Lmao. Nintendo would be asking for it to fail if that’s the case. Just look at what the reaction was towards the Gamepad. People were laughing for days. Me personally, I think the Gamepad is alright. But I hate how they forced you to use it! Stuffing it into every Wii U package without giving you a choice and making you use it for even the simplest of things like changing the freaking console settings! Could’ve used that money for oh, I don’t know… Making the Wii U’s hardware not so underpowered? But hey, what do I know? Nintendo’s been in the gaming industry for a long time so they clearly know more than me about what their customers want. Lol. It would’ve been much better as an optional controller. If this controller design ends up being close to what we actually get, then Nintendo clearly learned nothing.

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      1. lol right, but to me personally, I didn’t mind that about the wii u…however I’m glad it was all a good joke, I’m just happy I didn’t fully fall for that trolling the leaker made. I will admit it got me first day but its still possible for it to be just like that. anyways I was curious and asked that question…and for good reason.


    1. Did you- Did you just reply to brucelee312’s invisible comment? lol Thanks. I didn’t realize I could actually reply to all of those emails of brucelee’s comments.


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