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Pokemon Sun & Moon Footage To Be Showcased April 3rd

We should finally get a proper look at the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon for Nintendo 3DS on April 3rd. The footage will be showcased during the Japanese TV show ‘Gathering at the Pokémon House.’ It will feature a number of special guests Junichi Masuda, Shigeki Morimoto and Shigeru Ohmori who will be at hand to talk about the next instalment in the Pokemon franchise. Let’s hope we are given plenty of Pokemon Sun & Moon information.

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    1. OR/AS was really easy, I heard, and no hard mode like B/W2. Also, I feel like mega evolutions are here to stay, so I personally can’t be excited about any future Pokemon. Even though I haven’t played a Pokemon game past B/W, it feels like mega evolutions take out the purpose of Pokemon, a balanced game between the different types.


      1. I honestly think GF is going to focus more on implementing full 3D this time around. Personally I was fine with it being the way it is, but I’m part of the group that doesn’t care for it. Now for those that always play with 3D on, this must’ve sucked because GF butchered it bad. Not bad unplayable, but bad because it didn’t just throw you out of the immersion, it dropped kicked you out of it, with 3D turning on and off at the most random times.

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      2. Oh for sure it’ll be supported better on N3DS. I figure since games like Monster Hunter 4, Fantasy Life, RE: Revelations, and Kingdom Hearts 3D can use full 3D on the OG 3DS, then Pokemon should too. It’s not like Pokemon is more demanding than MH4, but some how GF couldn’t achieve what Capcom did with a game that is obviously more demanding.

        That’s what I’m betting all my money on, but we’ll finally see come next month.

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    1. -||No, the Empire must move forward not backward, upward not forward and always gaming, gaming, gaming towards power||-

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    2. I’d shed a tear, and honestly get way back into Poke’mon. I still buy most of the games but I don’t play them as frequently as I used to (I never finished Y, and haven’t even played B&W 1 or 2).

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      1. D&P were the reason I stopped playing Pokemon. Diamond bored me to death, I got up to the last badge and stopped, it seriously felt like a chore. X&Y got me back in though, I will admit though, X&Y feel like very simplified version.

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      2. I finished Diamond but felt like I had the least amount of fun I could remember having with a Poke’mon game. Didn’t think it was awful but it made me skip the B&W games. I got Y free with my 3DS XL and just got less interested in finishing it the further I got.

        That said I was really enjoying Omega Ruby before my 3DS broke though…

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    1. Actually, they could reference the city of Detroit. All they need is to have a shit load of gang members carrying out gang related crimes. Wait. No. That would be too dark of a game for Pokemon. We don’t want to scar children by showing them how cruel the real world really is.


      1. -||Wanting to destroy both humans and Pokemon alike or wanting to enslave them all or even recreate the universe to your own liking alone is far darker than some insignificant human gangs and their pointless misery||-


      2. Recreating the universe to your own liking while destroying the previous one is pretty dark but it’s not something any of us can do in real life. Enslaving Pokemon or even wiping out all human & animal life, though, isn’t beyond our capabilities, though, so you got me there.


  2. I’m not gonna get hype for this just in case they fuck up. I’d hope they would expand on the Soar mechanic of OR/AS but they’ll most likely just remove it instead like they’ve done past awesome features. Still, prove me wrong, GameFreak. Please prove me wrong! Please… D: Bring every awesome feature that was removed from past games back & expand on them like outfit customization, our first Pokemon in our party following behind us, GAME CORNER! If they did those things while keeping Mega Evolutions & expanding on the Soar mechanic for all flying Pokemon with Mega Evolutions, I’ll have more than just Wrestlemania 32 to look forward to on that day & will hopefully have an awesome Sunday.

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      1. Then you also have the shoes, socks, pants/skirts, bags, shirts/blouses, hats, and accessories. It had a few, but like I said, it felt very limited. A deeper character customization would be very welcome.

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      2. -||I want full body customisation, I am disgusted by having to be some nice boy/girl everytime||-


      3. No, now you got me all excited for a SKYRIM type customization. :l now I expect to be disappointed. Specially if they don’t bring up the feature.


      4. -||Haven’t you learned the lesson yet young one? Don’t have expectations in any realm, nothing is ever truly made the way you want it||-


      5. :l hm, you might be on to something. Honestly though, my only expectation on this game is to have the whole Night and Day mechanic. I normally wouldn’t get this excited, but since they said that X&Y were going to feel like Red and Blue (green? Bleh.) Then these next games should feel like Gold and Silver. I know it’s far fetched, and I might just be grasping as straws, but them telling us that in these versions “it all comes together” I’m thinking of how G&S had the kanto region in it as well.

        Like I said, I might be grasping at straws here, but my expectations are actually pretty high. Realistically though, it’ll probably be another ORAS with improved 3D. :l

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      6. I doubt there will be much customization with your character’s body features. I do expect more options for clothing, hairstyles, etc though. I wish you had more customization with the Pokemon. It would be very nice to be able to change their color to whatever you want. Especially legendaries.

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  3. I only just got done transferring SoulSilver Poke’s to Black, then beat Black, now 1 badge into Y version. I can say that I personally am enjoying Y, the roller skates are a welcome addition. And the training modes for stats and models are excellent and fun. Honestly, I’m only interested in certain types and generations, once I get everything up to date into Sapphire version I’ll be ready for Moon. :).



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  4. Pokemon director be like. Theres no footage of the game in the direct???… FUCK!! Somebodies getting fired for that.. Lets just show some footage on the 3rd.


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